What Percentage of Your Gross Household Income is Spent on Wine?

What Percentage of Your Gross Household Income is Spent on Wine?

  • 1-3%
  • 4-6%
  • 7-9%
  • 10-12%
  • 13-15%
  • 16-18%
  • 19-21%
  • 22-24%
  • Over 25%

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I just wondered what the average percentage of Berserker gross household income is spent on wine. Let’s just say wine only, not toraage, glasses, and other paraphernalia.

And this is anonymous, so don’t worry about your spouse finding out. champagne.gif

Take Home or PreTax lol

I am retired. What is my annual income?

You are missing some categories:

A higher percentage than I can afford
A higher percentage than any rational person would spend
A higher percentage than my spouse/partner/significant other knows


average year or last year?

Pretax is probably not relevant, it’s gotta be take home pay

fter helthcrae too, i assume :wink:

Next poll:

What % of your total annual wine spend is your spouse aware of?

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Same % value as I answered on this survey

Roughly 5% right now and for the next couple of years, because we are actively building from 0 as of two/three years ago and backfilling older vintages, etc. But hopefully more like 1.5% in future years starting a couple of years out.

What about other costs, like storage? Or are you just looking at bottles only?

I averaged last year and the year before since last year was atypically high. And yet I still saved a lot more than usual with no eating out.

I was just thinking gross household income. And Howard, if you’re retired I’m guessing you still have some income??

I guess for retired folks the more meaningful figure would be out of income+drawdown

I have no idea, and that’s probably a good thing. Ignorance is bliss.

More than I want to know. Ignorance is indeed bliss. I would at least say 20%

With his and hers cellars and a wife who buys her own wine, I would have to ask her how much she spends on wine and there is no way I am opening that door.


A Secret !

Well, this makes me feel better. Glad I’m not the only one with these “issues”

my vote is high - 2019 Bordeaux was a great price, unseasonally high spending for me :slight_smile:

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