What Percentage of Your Gross Household Income is Spent on Wine?

I certainly hope so but it depends on what year it is. I have stocks, which go up and down every day. I get dividends from the stocks. I get interest from bonds. Do I count as income increases in value of stock or bonds or just when increases and decreases are fixed - i.e., when I sell the investment. At this time last year, I would have thought I would have no net income for the year. Fortunately, it did not turn out that way. I know my net worth. I have no idea what my income will be this year. I have no idea what my income was last year. My tax return does not tell me that as a good bit of my investible net worth is in retirement accounts and all that shows up on a tax return from that is withdrawals from retirement accounts, not income or gain in retirement accounts. My spending is based on my needs and desires, not to exceed a percentage of investible net worth. Last year spending went down as we did not travel or go to restaurants.

Many people are probably underestimating their net income in answering the question as they likely are only counting income from salary, not from investments (which they are trying to accumulate for retirement, college for kids, etc.). So, if we are only counting salary, bonuses, etc., my spending on wine is an infinite percentage of my net income because I have no salary or bonuses, etc.

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I didn’t think the results would be as interesting (eye-opening) was they are. Wine is apparently a LOT more important to many of you than it is at our house. A LOT more.

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That’s my answer [cheers.gif]

Some of those numbers are indeed quite a surprise.

A gentleman never asks and a wino never tells.

I wasn’t trying to make it that technical, Howard, just a ballpark for a fun poll.

Unfortunately for me, I find that buying a wine provides a distinct pleasure that is aside from drinking the wine!

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Social Security benefits, pension benefits, IRA and 401-K withdrawals, interest and dividend income.

Must be nice to be rich. [grin.gif]

Funny story, I’ve officially hit 90% of my wine budget for the year, in large part thanks to BD. I’m going to go past it a little bit, but I’m probably only going to get away with 10% past the initial budget this year…

If you don’t have a budget you’ll never hit it! That said, it’s great getting all my BD shipments recently. It’s like the thrill of the purchase all over again opening up boxes of things I forgot I bought.

Our family is in the lowest bracket listed. Two kids, a mortgage, daycare, and a classic car hobby eat into my ability to rationalize anything more.


If almost one third of respondents spend 3% or less of gross income on wine, either they are cheap, rich, …or both.

Or lying.

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I’m at 80 percent of budget spent already. I really need to hold the line this year, as last year I ended up spending double the budget.

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It is amazing how obsessed you are with how much money people on this board have or don’t have. You cannot go a week without discussing it. I recommend that you seek out professional help. You have a very severe problem.

See Post 21.

My honest answer is that I’m not sure, but I did estimate and came up with a number that I’d rather not have known.

Avatar is La Sizeranne Cote Rotie?

Yup, a very reasonable buy actually.

Odd question for a tax lawyer to ask (even if retired).


Retirement can be well deserved. [snort.gif]

it should be what your tax return says it is.