What Goodfellow/Matello are you drinking?

I’m on my second glass of the 2015 Whistling Ridge Richard’s, and this so far is presenting a bit different than my expectations. To my (admittedly inexperienced compared to most of you) nose and palate, this resembles a Semillon dominated white Bordeaux blend. It has the waxy/lanolin nose and that same waxy/oily type of texture/mouthfeel that I most closely associate with Semillon. I’m sure tasting blind I would have said white Bordeaux. Let’s see what happens with a couple of more hours of air.

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2015 Goodfellow Heritage No 5 Durant Vineyard

On initial open, this was very sour and had quite an advanced nose. Decanted for five hours, put it back in the bottle for another two with the cork in it. This needed every bit of air and became something completely different, so much so that my wife thought I brought a different bottle to dinner. It was still a little shy on the nose but had beautiful soft flavors of earth and spice, not that there wasn’t fruit or it was advanced, simply played a backseat. Very elegant and paired well with a wide variety of dishes.


Today UPS brought me 6x each of
Goodfellow Family Cellars Chardonnay Durant Vineyard 2020
Goodfellow Family Cellars Chardonnay Willamette Valley 2020
Goodfellow Family Cellars Pinot Blanc Franc de Pied 2021
Goodfellow Family Cellars Pinot Gris Whistling Ridge Vineyard 2021

Having to celebrate our good fortune I opened my last bottle of his 2019 Temperance Hill chard. This is drinking so wonderfully right now I forgot to jot down any notes and now it’s all gone but trust me, it was fantastic.


Put in an order for a Whistling Ridge Blanc…assuming Marcus is still making it. Todd H calls it “the crack”. It is (was?) an outrageous bargain with an Alsatian field blend sensibility.


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@Marcus_Goodfellow We’re a doing Chardonnay blind on Christmas Day with family and Friends. There will be 15 of us participating, half the group are big time wine nerds, the rest just love to consume😂. Any suggestions on how far in advance I should open the Temperance Hill?

The competition
19 GF Temperance Hill
20 Sequitur
19 Nicolas Jay Affinities
19 Audeant- Seven Springs
16 Rombauer Carneros (Not my jam at all, but the older generation in the family loves that buttery cali juice)


Hi Adam,

I would open it a couple of hours in advance, and taste an oz or so. It’s been showing really well lately, and ai hope you all enjoy it. Some really nice wines in your line up!

I have never tried Goodfellow before and am absolutely dumbfounded. Loved this.

  • 2017 Goodfellow Family Cellars Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Ribbon Ridge (1/2/2023)
    Drinking outrageously well. Decanted for an hour.

    Transparent ruby. Nose jumps with candied raspberry underpinned by ripe cherry, herbal stem, slightly medicinal even. Palate is gorgeous with tons of energy. Beautiful tart cherry, raspberry, incredible tension from zippy acidity, rocky character as well. Tannins are consistent for pinot but there is significant structure here. Finish is long. Nice balance just underripe strawberry, tart raspberry, and tense minerality. There is very subtle oak throughout the background, but it is in perfect balance.

    So delicious. Purchased on sale for $20 and my first experience with Goodfellow. I am very disappointed to have not tried Goodfellow sooner. This is world class Pinot and is an outrageous value.

    Drink now with a short decant, though I think this should cruise for another 5 years. (92 points)

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2017 is a beautiful vintage, and the quality really runs from top to bottom. The entry level wines perform well, and should easily age another 7-10 years.

I’m really glad that you enjoyed this so much, it’s one of the very best values we offer. It’s 100% declassified puncheons and barrels from Whistling Ridge, so single vineyard but without the price tag.


Great information, thanks so much! Signed up for the list :slight_smile: :wine_glass:


Enjoying another 2011 Matello Souris today. Trying really hard to stretch this bottle out over a 6 or 7 hour window but it’s nearly impossible for me to stop sniffing and sipping and then poof that glass is gone time for another.


Just a heads up, we are doing a pretty cool Monopole Cru offer for BD. The regular Berserker offerings are a really fun set of packages, but the MC offer is pretty rare.


Had a 2019 WV Pinot the other day. Excellent stuff and it’s nice to have something to drink a bit on the younger side as I wait for the others I have to age into a peak window.


Anxiously waiting :slight_smile:

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I will be paying attention this year. Last year I was not watching the MC subforum.


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2014 Goodfellow Bishop Creek Pinot Noir

This is a really fine bottle of wine in a great drinking window with its eight years of age and very warm vintage. I decanted it for two hours but I’m not sure it was necessary as the nose was immediately exploding out of the decanter. Lots of Yamhill black and blue fruits with a “Goodfellow” whole cluster spiciness. A nice step up from the WV or AVA bottlings that does not need more bottle age to be highly enjoyable right now.

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My favorite thing about this wine is a CT note a few years back that called it “swamp water”. I opened a bottle and really couldn’t disagree. But Pinot Noir is magic, and as pale, wan, and duckweed smelling as it was a few years ago, it’s magically turned into a lovely wine. Deep enough to be true to its Yamhill-Carlton roots but the stems keep it nice and savory.

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Half way through a bottle of 15 Fir Crest. This has awakened from it’s slumber and is fabulous right now. The nose vivid, with wet coniferous forest, a spectrum perfectly ripe berries along with a spice shop notes. Palate is a touch more fruit led though plenty of earthy notes. Just under medium body but high density. Great width and length on the palate. Really happy with this one right now. Undoubtedly at the very beginning of its drinking window


Posted this on the BD14 Goodfellow thread, but figured it deserves posting here.


2018 Goodfellow Dundee Hills Chardonnay

Chalk, white florals, lime zest, and green apple aromas with a touch of vanilla bean coaxed with some air in the glass. Expansive and brisk on the palate, with flavors of green apple, candied lime peel, and almond cream, lifted by zesty acids and balanced by a vibrant core of chalky minerals. I’d cellar longer but it’s just plain delicious right now.

2013 Goodfellow Oregon Pinot Noir Heritage

Delicate, pretty, and developing nose of potpourri, medicinal red cherries, and moss. Absolutely gorgeous balance of slightly dried red cherry fruit with savory notes of dried leaves and baking spices. The juicy acidity and dusty tannins provide a nice frame for the wine. In the perfect spot for my palate, and I’ll likely open my remaining bottle in the next couple years, but definitely has the stuffing to go longer.


Happy Berserker Day everyone!

I see your Goodfellow’s and raise you a few Matello’s and a Whistling Ridge label…