What Goodfellow/Matello are you drinking?

Thought Marcus’ wines deserved a thread similar to Bedrock and other CA board favs and wanted to end the thread drift I helped contribute to in the Love & Squalor thread about the Goodfellow 2014 and 2015 OPNC Willamette Valley Pinot Noir - http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=127485.

Last night I thoroughly enjoyed the 2014 Matello Caprice (80% Pinot Blanc/20% Pinot Gris). I’ve really enjoyed OR Pinot Blanc from Walter Scott, Paetra and Cameron, but this was first PB from Marcus. It had the characteristic pear notes and lean minerality with the Pinot Gris providing a bit of heft. Seemed like it would be good for a few more years despite drinking well now. For the club price I paid, I need to procure more of this! Marcus, what are the Vineyard sources and will there be a 2015 bottling?

A few weeks ago had the 2013 Goodfellow “Clover” Pinot Gris Reserve. While I find most PGs fairly uninspiring (Belle Pente being an exception), this was really nice and structured unlike others I’ve had with a creaminess that is just right for me and evident tannins. Felt like this bottle has better years ahead of it. Another fantastic QPR for me.

Have much more experience with Marcus’ reds than whites other than Chardonnay, but these wines remind me that I’ve yet to have a bottle of his wine that I did not enjoy and that his whites, like his reds, are meant to age.

Whatever, I’ll drift with the first response. I was at Whole Foods today, and there was a 2015 Goodfellow WV, and a 2014 PG WV Reserve, each for $22, and wondered which one would be better. Maybe to crossed the years around, I don’t think so though. [cheers.gif]

Tonight had a 2013 Matello WV Pinot. Only a couple left yet so many great years ahead. I like this better than the current year Goodfellow offering because of its zing.

I’m still relatively new to Marcus’ wines, so the only thing I’ve had that I can recall have been his Chardonnays (although I may have tried his Pinots at one of Rich Trimpi’s Blind Pinot gatherings).

I haven’t purchased any of his other whites yet, or his Syrah, for that matter, but will be trying to “expand my palate” the next time the newsletter comes out.

Drink? I mostly just cellar them! Not to mention that the cellar is currently almost as big a mess as Bob Hughes’. [wink.gif]

It’d be a smart move to scrounge out some of the whites, not that there’s a hurry. I’ve pummeled so many WV Pinot bottles that I could very well be out.


I’m in the same category, having had much more experience with the Goodfellow pinot, but did enjoy the one Clover pinot gris I’ve had as well. Agree with you on the QPR.

Slight drift…if you haven’t had it before, I’d suggest the Eyrie original vines pinot gris. Kind of goes without saying that wine from the first PG vines planted in Oregon (? maybe even the first in the US) would generate a pretty solid product…I’ve found it to be a really structured but bright wine with a lot of character…although not as great a QPR.

I’m with you on the reds, but we all need to check in on bottles from time to time!

Speaking of reds, over the holidays I conducted a blind tasting of 2008 Syrahs with friends, including the Matello Fool’s Journey (Full disclosure: Marcus gifted me this bottle) and two well-liked Washington producers (Reynvaan The Contender and Rotie Cellars Northern Blend). The Matello was the unanimous favorite and is much less $ than the others. The others seemed at peak or slightly past, while the Matello had plenty of life left and improved considerably over the evening. Like Marcus’ other wines definitely needs time, but is as close to a N Rhone ringer that I’ve had in the US.

I had a 2011 Matello Durant Chardonnay that was amazing after about an hour of air. Really compelling stuff that has developed considerably since release.

I think pretty much ALL of Marcus’ wines perform better with a good dose of air.

The crack. 3 left.

Your crack? or they’re crack?


The Crack, aka whistling ridge white.

This may be the first Matello I bought, probably from Michael @ Story Teller. The rest is as they say history.
2009 Matello Whistling Ridge Vineyard Ribbon Ridge White Blend
11/28/2010 - I WROTE: 90 points
While I do not know how this wine showed up in my daughter’s NYC home, and I do not remember sending it. My wife loved it and said buy a case. Off dry, fruity. Very nice and smooth with Riesling showing fruit predominant over acid. Nearing a light Auslese, super QPR. Now to find some more!

2012 Pinot Whistling Ridge that was soooo good last week

I love Marcus’ wines and I’m not knocking your note, but color me surprised by the bolded part above. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it. That said, if Marcus made a Riesling, I’d definitely want to try it.

He does not make a 100% Riesling (that I’m aware of), but his Whistling Ridge White blend includes Riesling. I’ve not had the 2010, but the 2007 discussed in this thread - http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=134712&p=2151252&hilit=Whistling+ridge+white#p2151252 - reminded me somewhat of an aged Auslese (was impacted by botrytis though so likely not representative of this bottling from other vintages).

I’m going to try out my jedi skills on Marcus. Marcus will make a riesling soon. Yes, he will! [dance-clap.gif].

Scott, I’ve had the Whistling Ridge White, but I just don’t recall it being anywhere near an aged Auslese in terms of sweetness (even though the sweetness recedes in older Riesling).

The Crack name comes from a story of a nice young Lady who was hosting a dinner party. She opened a bottle while prepping it all and by the time her guests arrived she’d drained it. She was befuddled and when asked why she kept drinking it replied that it was crack and couldn’t leave it be.

We had a 2014 WV Chardonnay the other night. I didn’t buy enough…

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