What Domaine producers have only made one variety color EVER?

Off hand I know Bertheau has only made a red…and Raveneau has only made a white. Name some producers that have NEVER deviated from only doing a red or white wine? I’m only thinking Burgundy here btw.

Mugneret gibourg

Arnoux-Lachaux comes to mind.

They have produced Bourgogne Blanc and Aligote in the past.


Georges Noellat

Jacques Carillon

Ahhh…you deleted Anne Gros…I saw some Beaune Blanc being produced. [wink.gif]


I knew I was being too ambitious by mentioning two producers! I ain’t that good. [cheers.gif]

Georges Noellat actually makes a makes Meursault Cras.


BBlanc [wink.gif]

Saint Aubin and Mercurey Rouge. [wink.gif]

Buzz, I assume you are talking commerical releases over a certain number of cases? My guess is a lot of producers have “made” wine of both colors, but it may not be enough wine, nor worth, releasing to the public.

Also, if you’re considering Chablis to be part of Burgundy, then I’d imagine there are a number of producers who have only released white wines. There just isn’t that much red grown there.

Henri Jayer

@MM…I initially thought most Chablis producers would only produce whites…but saw a lot of them had produced reds at some time. Care to list some MM?

16/17/18 Meursault. [wink.gif]

Has Rousseau made a white? I don’t recall one.

2010 BBlanc [wink.gif]

Billaud Simon
Caves Duplessis

I’m sure a LOT more in Chablis?