What Domaine producers have only made one variety color EVER?

Maison Ilan

They make some oddball Bourgogne Blanc I believe out of Chardonnay, Aligoté and Pinot Blanc I believe …not widely available obviously

How about Chateau de La Tour, Jean Chauvenet, Michel Gaunoux, and Gerard Mugneret?

Touché! Have never seen it.

I own two bottles of their 1964 Aligoté - a parcel since replanted to Pinot Noir.

François produces a bit of Aligoté for personal consumption in his kir.

Cathiard makes Aligoté and now IIRC Hautes-Côtes de Nuits Blanc

Coquard Loison Fleurot
Vincent Ledy

I move to ban William from this thread.


I think it will be genuinely difficult to find very many producers than never made a white in Burgundy, partly because it was historically quite common for producers to make a barrel of white for day to day consumption. If you go back in time, before the AOC rules, it was more common to find white grapes in red villages, too. There used to be white grapes growing in the Combe Lavaux in Gevrey before the AOC was given only to Pinot Noir.

Vincent Ledy makes Hautes-Côtes de Nuits whites.

For CLF you may be onto something.

Clos de Tart?

Just looking at CT (I obviously don’t know every wine made!), I don’t see any reds from:

Samuel Billaud
Louis Michel
Sebatian Dampt
Jean & Sebastian Dauvissat
Jean Dauvissat

That’s just a few producers I thought of, but I’m sure someone could come up with many more Chablis producers who don’t make red.

I know! Total buzzkill. [truce.gif]

I’m gonna stump him though. How about Cecile Tremblay?

Christian Moreau
Antoine Jobard
Domaine Leflaive
Humbert Frères
Ghislaine Barthod
Louis Boillot
The now defunct Domaine David Clark?

Up until 2005 at least Antoine Jobard made a Blagny red. Label was still François & Antoine Jobard at that point but I think the point stands.

Duroché produce a Bourgogne Blanc.

Trapet produce several whites.

Leflaive produce red négociant wines including Charmes-Chambertin (and there are rumors that they are making more, don’t know if that’s true).

Probably silly since I know zilch about Burgundy but has Henri Rebourseau ever made whites?

perhaps it is a generalization but it seems like contemporary burgundy producers are becoming more ambidextrous when it comes to wine making. when you think of the classic estates, they are either producers specializing in red or whites. when i taste wines of the new generation of winemakers just starting out, they excel equally between grapes. nicolas faure comes to mind.

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