What do you want to try in 2021????

Happy New Year all. Today being such a day of reflection of what was and will be - a cause for joy and fulfilled wishes (or is it unfulfilled wishes [wow.gif]?).

A simple question to all my fellow wine nuts who spend way to much time and treasure on this hobby - What “wines” do you strive to have the ability to taste in 2021? The ability to obtain a wine is certainly easy with the internet ever so present - but - if you don’t have a wine in your cellar or in a friends cellar how will you ultimately know if it will be a sound representative bottle? I will define “wines” as a very good example no matter how old of a wine from a winery that you’d like to get the essence of and know better. Sure - you can say Romanee Conti if you want to go big - the size of the $ amount does not make it a more interesting choice IMHO. Once we’re all able to gather together - I imagine this question can better inform you and your friends for future sharing of wine at dinner or around a table with friends. I’ll list my wishes below - Red wine, White wine (Champagne, etc all included), and Dessert wine.

Yes, I hope to know what you would like to try so if I have it in my cellar - I can bring to the next time we hopefully can share wine together champagne.gif.

For me personally,

RED WINE: I’ve been eternally interested in getting to know the essence of what Le Pin from Bordeaux is all about - a good vintage or not - what makes these wines so special… If you have a good bottle in your cellar I’ll bring a nice bottle of Montrachet to pair it with [cheers.gif].

WHITE WINE: I’d love to get to know what a properly aged northern Rhone white from Chave or Chapoutier can blossom into after 30+ years of proper aging. I’ve heard that hitting these wines at the right time is a magical experience. I have the patience to wait for the ones already resting here at home - but - that’s 10+ years from now .

DESSERT WINE: I’d love to see what a truly magnificent properly aged TBA from a good vintage can taste like - think 50+ years old or so. Magical elixir? Winery or domaine doesn’t matter really…


Seriously…first I want to thank YOU Favre-ie, as you’ve provided me a LOT of my must taste experience wines through the years! [cheers.gif]

Reds…I really want to try Petrus…as well as any of the great legendary Bordeaux with age. My experience is very lacking in the area, and I just don’t buy any.

A truly amazing aged Barolo.

Whites…probably one of those amazingly youthful Leroy 1969’s I see Fu drink weekly…and ANY d’Auvenay!

I’m sure plenty more…but those sure do linger in my brain constantly.

Cheers and Happy New Year buddy! champagne.gif

Red: A 1993 Red Burg from a good producer that’s been kept well. Or, a Monfortino with at least 25 years of age.

White: Montrachet from a good producer.

Dessert: Yquem at least 30 years old.

Tough question…

Red: Juge Cornas…already priced out of them generally, but want to taste one before they go even higher

White: some sort of “a-ha” Riesling. Seems like there may be plenty out there for 2019, so just a matter of doing the legwork

a Romanee Conti. Can you help me out ? LOL

Screaming Eagle , if I am added to the mailing list (which ain’t happening).


I hit Le Pin last night and DRC earlier this year. Gentaz really is that one, elusive wine that I would love to try. I assume it is cut from the same cloth as Verset and Juge. AD, I have lots of Juge, come cycling with me and we pop one!

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Red: A Diamond Creek wine from the 1980s.

White: Von Schubert Maximin Grunhaus Abtsberg Kabinett with 20 years of age on it.

Sweet: JJ Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Goldkapsel with 30+ years of age on it.

My most fervent wish is that, the day Covid becomes an unpleasant memory, I manage to find myself surrounded by generous people who will directly assist me in the ‘classic wine education’ I never had. I’m fortunate enough that it has already happened a few times.

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I just want to drink great (even mediocre) wines with my friends while not worrying about dying.


Would like to make it back to mosel to try the auction wines again this year after missing the 2019 vintage.

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Petrus - I think a have a few you could enjoy! Barolo - you should be asking for an '89, '90, or '96 red label of some sort - I think I could help with this also :slight_smile:. d’Auvenay - can’t help and this. I’ve gotten to try a few here and there and would love to try more - like you. Happy New Year Buzz!

2021 is the year I hope to drink more bone dry Rieslings, chalky Cabs and nervier Zinfandels. I might come back to PN, but the immediate urge hasn’t returned. Maybe the odd austere Chardonnay or Chablis?

A '93 Rousseau Chambertin would fit this bill Michael! I hope to share one with you someday.

Can’t help with Juge but I’m sure we could find a few here on the board :slight_smile:. Got to try the '05 Juge a couple years ago - a massive wine still. Some of the best from Keller could be reachable in 2021 for you.

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No - against the rules - lol. Take this serious and let us know what your wishes will be :slight_smile:.

What vintage of Le Pin Alfert? Gentaz - would love to try also!

I could help you with Diamond Creek from the mid/late 70s - would love to share these at a dinner with older California gems! I hear those older JJ Prums are stellar.

Yep - this is a worthy wish David. I’m sure this can happen - with good wine no doubt!