What did you cook tonight?

Quick bites while we were cooking: Tartine de radis, beurre au sel de guérande et huile de truffe.

Fresh ravioloni stuffed with shrimps, pancetta, ricotta and runny egg yolk served in shrimp bisque.

Fresh ravioloni stuffed with braised beef cheek served with foie gras and port sauce.

No-bake (and no picture!) cheesecake with thyme infused honey.

Basically this was a fun lunch initiated by me teaching the neighbor how to make fresh pasta :grin:!


Today’s prep is mackerel filets cooked à l’étouffé and then marinated for 24 hours in white wine and other stuff. Wonderful on a water cracker as apéritif bites and even better with a dollop of fresh mayo.


pan seared pork chop with calabrian chili,parsley and chicken stock, and butter


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Made linguine alle vongole tonight. Since I’m currently all out of Soave Classico, Bianco Secco & even a simple pinot grigio at home, some Laxas Albariño did well enough.


Red curry coconut mussel and shrimp soup
Dot dau ha lan with ginger and garlic
The kids wanted their favorites so oven fried chicken mashed potatoes and petite peas.


Cheating paella
Yellow rice with an extra saffron sausage and asparagus. Then mussels and shrimp cooked with fennel onion white wine. Calabrian chili paste then plated up.

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Steak, stuffed mushrooms, salad and fries.


Lapsang brined roast chicken with scallion and pickled celery salad and sushi rice.


Son sent cheese and sourdough crackers to my wife for Mother’s Day so I turned into a little cheese board.
Seared tuna with mustard beer sauce and roasted tomato feta pasta.


Shucked and poached oysters in their brine with a little ouzo, fresh tarragon and black pepper. Put the oysters back into the shells, reduced the liquid, mixed in some feta, green onion and butter, poured into the shells and topped with a little Reggiano, then broiled. These things were huge with lots of liquid, like mini chowder serviings.


Alex, that sounds delicious. Curious what sort of flavor the ouzo imparted?

When the farmer’s market isn’t ready with all the fruits and vegetables you load up on cheese and cured meats :slight_smile:

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I used it to compliment the anise flavor from the tarragon. It worked really well… and why the heck don’t I broil oysters more often???

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I thought broiling them was a waste until I moved to New Orleans. Most Gulf oysters are really too big to slurp down east/west coast style. I fell in love.

I don’t do it often either; maybe once a year or so I’ll fire up the grill and chargrill them!

Same here; until I had the grilled ones of Drago’s in Metairie. Real eye-opener.

Exactly! There’s a fisherman who farms them just off the coast here and even though we get to hand pick the ones we want from the bin at the farmers market, they’re usually all XL to XXXL size. They don’t shrink to tiny coin size bites after cooking them like more readily available ones at the brick and mortar stores that I’d eat raw.

I usually say there are three sizes of oysters. Raw, frying/baking and grilling.
Great when you can get them all on one meal like we did last Saturday night at Hummingbird Way.

Dinner last night was some seared tuna, sushi rice and steamed snow peas. Been playing around with rolled omelets lately. This morning’s attempt.


Pan fried trout!