What did you cook tonight?

I just finished off a plate of oven-baked salmon in a soy/honey/lime glaze, pan-seared asparagus cooked in butter, and pilaf rice with my second bottle of '11 Dancer les Corbins.



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ground pork and green beans sichuan style.


That looks amazing.

+lots, wow…

Suzanne, do you use any particular recipe?

I used this one and added more ginger and a little oyster sauce

No photos, but… Pan-seared flatiron steaks (finished with a brandy sauce), saffron rice, steamed peas. Pedestrian weeknight dinner.

Not last night but the last meal I cooked that I photographed. Osso Buco

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They should use your picture instead of the one they’re using right now.

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Last night was Spring Veg Green Curry - Asparagus, Carrots, Onions, Spinach, and Shrimp over brown rice.

Steak Au Poivre, left my sauce in the pan while I plated my Wife’s and it separated on me. :frowning:


we had steak too. and roasted brussels

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Those are some beautiful steaks!

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My wife is from Mew Mexico and was raised in that hatch chili culture, we always have them in the freezer. Anyway I made green chili and Asiago potato soufflé to pair with whole chicken breast grilled fajita style.
If there are any chili-heads out there these were “little johns” so medium high heat.

Our Menu:

Spinach Salad

Costco prime rib cap
Butter with mashed potato and salt/pepper/heavy cream
Crisp asparagus with Cajun spices

Strawberry angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and reduced bourbon/powdered sugar

Brian - your dinner looks AMAZING! Steak au poivre is one of my favorite dishes on the planet! YUM.

Thank you blush , tonight we are going the other direction with braised short ribs.

Last night - Flannery rib cap medallion steaks. WOW - what a flavorful piece of meat…

How did you cook them, Michael? I have a couple coming during week.

Oven at 325 till internal temp made about 115. Then cast iron pan searing top, bottom and all around the sides. I might go opposite order next time. I got the 10 oz ones which is a chunk of meat. Have to have some low temp time before or after the sear.

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Port Braised Short Ribs