What did you cook tonight?

Brian - in one week, you made two of my favorite meals! Those short ribs look sick!

If it’s 60 degrees in Minnesota in March, we smoke:



Not just his short ribs, but a number of other dishes he has posted here. Makes me drool…more than I normally do without food.

And those pictures are outstanding. Brian, what do you take your pictures with?

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Moroccan Beef & Vegetable Soup

Ceviche w aguachile

Halibut sous vide then seared and accompanied w lime cured veg

Those dishes look amazing. Keep 'em coming.



I have to umpire tonight so its pot cooking time.
Grillades and grits with collard greens flavored with cooked down pork ribs.
Since I’ll be out, likely no pictures.

You know your wife is from this part of the country when she walks in and says something smells good. Only a true daughter of our south Alabama creole country would think that Roux and collards cooking would smell good. Cause aint nothing like that collard stink.

Tegame di Vernazzia. This is a dish composed of the following layers: olive oil, potato slices, paper-thin sliced onion with minced garlic, anchovy fillets, parsley and rosemary, San Marzano tomato strips with juice, olive oil, more potatoes, more onion and garlic, more anchovies, more parsley and rosemary, more tomatoes, more olive oil, more potatoes, more parsley and rosemary, more tomatoes, more olive oil. The anchovies practically dissolved while the dish is baking. Be sure to have some bread to sop up the sauce.

Sounds like a lot of EVOO. I’m surprised it doesn’t show that way in the plating.

Last night was a simple Linguine with EVOO, pressed garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and roasted chicken breast.

So do you just cook the veggies in lime, like you would when making ceviche?

Brian, total EVOO was about 1/4-1/3 cup for a 1.5 quart gratin dish. I failed to get a photo of the plate after finishing the tegame. It took 3-4 baguette slices to sop it all up. Not that I’m complaining.

Yes, and some salt. Takes all day. Basically a light pickling.

Pasta all’Amatriciana. I usually make this with bucatini. Didn’t have any on hand. Nor linguini. Settled for spaghetti.

Cuban Sandwiches w/ Kale and Fried Plantain Salad

It’ll be homemade noodles with tuna and salad.

pork chop with cherry peppers

Nom nom!

Yeah, looks delicious!

Corned Beef and Cabbage of course