What Bedrock wine are you drinking tonight?

Do folks find that the Bedrock Vyd Sauvignon Blanc (i.e. the SVD version) is ready to roll on release, or better with a hold period before drinking? If the latter, how long?

I assume Lulu is good to go more or less off the bat - is that right?

I’ve never had the SVD Sauvignon Blanc, but Lulu definitely ready to roll on release

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I haven’t had the Bedrock Vyd yet but I’ve had the Staves of Waidhofen and the Sonoma Valley bottlings. I think the Sauvignon Blanc are great on release but I always wish I had more age on the Staves, I’m guessing the Bedrock Vyd will be close to the same. Never had one that I thought I should have drank sooner but I think the oldest I ever managed to let one go was around four years. I’m trying to hold on to my Bedrock Vyd for a few more years, probably start trying them about four years past vintage. If you have multiple try one for science. Lulu is ready, just try to save some to make it to the end of summer!

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This desperately needed air, but then :boom:


A '17 Esola Zin last night was absolutely fantastic.

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Love Dolinsek! Delivers every time!

Well, 60% of the time it does. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha ha! Exaaaactly! This guy gets it :wink:

It’s quite pungent

2022 Lulu got delivered today, so popped one tonight. Felt a little light at first but picked up some weight with air. Really liking the strength of the peach note I often get from these


How long ahead of drinking would you recommend decanting? A WineBid shipment with a '17 Dolinsek just landed for me.

two hours

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Popped a 2021 OVZ this afternoon as some friends stopped by. So easy to drink.


2014 Bedrock Papera Ranch Heritage Wine, Russian River Valley. Flat out delicious. Perfectly integrated purple fruits, violets, and a very slight herbal note on the finish that adds intrigue. Excellent and in the zone right now. One of the better Bedrock’s I’ve had in a while. Well done boys @bedrockmorgan @underthewirewine


After having a really good Mexican Pet Nat Zin for dinner, we decided to follow up with one of the older Bedrock Heritage wines that we backfilled. I am really starting to think we like Bedrock on the younger side - around 4-5 years from release.

  • 2014 Bedrock Wine Co. The Bedrock Heritage - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (3/18/2023)
    Nose of chocolate, stewed cherries, a bit of sweet spices, star anise, and some tobacco. Drinking in a great spot, just enough acidity, resolved tannins, and a nice balance of flavors. Palate of plums, sour dark cherries, blackberries, and bitter herbs. Long finish with many layers - starts off fruity, then turns to black tea, tobacco leaf, and mineral. At the end I get a bit of spearmint and flower pedals.

    I am starting to think I like Bedrock wines on the younger side. This is good but lacks the tension that I like when they are young. (91 points)

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Different strokes for sure and there’s definitley no right/wrong answer, but the Bedrock/Bedrock is one that, to me, benefits greatly from age. Id honestly consider the 14 to be at the beginning of it’s early drinking window (although i havent opened this vintage yet). For example, the 08 that i had a few months ago was insanely good. So well integrated but still plenty of fruit and energy. If you have multiple bottles…maybe try to hang onto one and pop it a few/handful of years down the road. You might still end up preferring them younger…but definitely worth giving a few some additional age :cheers:


Given that this was a WineBid win, who knows how well the bottle was really treated. If it had a bit more acidity I might have had a very different impression.

I do agree that Bedrock Vineyard needs some age. I am thinking it is very much like Ridge Geyserville for me, 5-7 years from the vintage is the right point for me to drink.

Have some '13s that I need to pick up from WineBid at some point - hopefully that will help me calibrate my drinking window for Bedrock

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I had this in November and with some air it was stunning. I’ll need to open another one soon.

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I almost opened that one tonight! I went for a 15 Monte Rosso instead.

Blackberry jam on cherries, man this is in a good spot. Surprisingly well integrated tannins on this. Seems good to go in my book but no way is this fading.


2021 Carlisle Vineyard - %#$!#@#$$*&$ - Seriously, I’m ticked. ANOTHER Bedrock wine I loved. My wallet can’t afford to keep liking them all. Our first time tasting the Carlisle, PNP, very muted on the nose, but with a couple swirls, came to life. Great balance of fruit and low level tannins, which was the highlight. Perfect balance. Wife gave it a long “oooohh”. We’ll be buying more with future vintages.