What Bedrock wine are you drinking tonight?

There seems to be a lot of love for Bedrock wine on this board that i figured we could probably start a thread devoted to which one you opened tonight, any night, this night.

Tonight i have the 2011 Bedrock Pagani Ranch Heritage.

And it is rocking. If you have one of these i highly encourage you to pop it. Unfortuntly, it is my last of three bottles.

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Enjoying the 2013 Bedrock North Coast Syrah. Best Syrah for the price around. Some on CT seem to think its a bit tight, but I find it to be singing quite nicely. Dark fruits and a nice lift from the stems.

The love for Bedrock is much deserved.

PSA: Zachys has the 2013 Old Vine Zin for $23

Finally had the Vino Bambino PN last night. Decanted for 2 hours and was surprised at the flavors. Very light both in color and taste but enjoyable.

We decided to re-try the 2013 Abrente Albarino tonight, in preparation for next week. We usually load up big time on it for the summer, as both my wife and I have loved it in the past. However, last summer we remember not liking it quite as much… it seemed to be missing some of the mineral/acid that we love.

Tonight, however, our bottle was spot-on. Nice acid throughout, citrus and some slight hints of tropical fruits (but not too much), then honey/peach/apricot on the mid-palate, finishing with well-defined flavors of rain-drenched slate. Maybe this vintage just needed a bit more time to hit the notes we like (as is the case with most of the Bedrocks!).

And here I thought I might get to reallocate some of our budget to more of the roses, which I like even better…

Rarely drink the same producer back to back, but opened a 2010 Pagani Ranch Heirloom last weekend, and a 2010 Monte Rosso Zin on Tuesday, with the last glass tonight. Both were outstanding and drank well over three nights. Unfortunately my last bottle of both wines. Bedrock is by far my largest cellar holding and I will be happily adding a few more next week.

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2013 Compagni Portis last night. Although it went amazingly well with an aromatic chicken & rice dish, I did find the very ripe gewürztraminer component a bit much. I preferred the 2012 Carlisle version. I’m not sure if this is more a function of vintage or winemaker. I have a couple 2013 Carlisle on order to find out!

2010 Pagani Ranch Heirloom. Wowzaa!

2011 bedrock heritage. Deeeeeelicious.

2009 Bedrock Wine Co. Sémillon Lachryma Montis, Botrytized Old Vine Monte Rosso Vineyard. Very, very nice.

2013 Bedrock Carlisle.


2011 Hudson Vineyards T ‘n’ S Syrah
Dark as night. Scintillating aromatics. Smoked bacon, black olives, blackberry compote, dark chocolate, loads of flowers. Moderate tannins. Soft (fresh) on the palate, but still carrying a big stick.

Made the prior glass of 2010 TJ lot 102 Mendocino syrah weep in its shadow.

2nd night of a '13 NC Syrah, each bottle I open is better than the last and previously I thought there was no way the '12 could possibly be topped. A full case of these suckers and already only a few left, insane QPR.

2013 Compagni Portis. Very interesting white wine. Very crisp acidity to balance the smooth mouthfeel. Noticed other tasting notes mentioning the wine bursting with citrus, which my wife and I didn’t find. Very light floral/lychee scent with rose and orange blossom on the palate.

2013 Old Vines

2012 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Old Vine

had this once and didn’t truly understand it as it was our 3rd bottle shared with 4 people, now on it’s own without a meal (how I usually like it) … bought one more to try again.

Just curious, I got on their mailing list last year and have placed orders for the last two releases (and plan to order from the current release). I know the offer is available on the site for a limited time, but after that can you still order more by request or do you have to find a retail outlet to make additional purchases?

2012 Sodini Vineyard Zin

Rickie -

i think in general there is the one window - not a retail store front. That said, if you really wanted some more of something i would shoot them a note to see if they happen to have any additional available. Worst case, they can probably point you in the right direction in terms of retail.


I will be starting a stay-cation in Stowe, Vermont later this week. My brother-in-law is joining us and he is an enthusiastic wine geek. Got a bunch of stuff stood up including some Bedrock:
2000 Vino Bambino
2010 Kick Ranch SB
2009 Hudson Pleine de Chene

Hope to post some notes next week.

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