What Bedrock wine are you drinking tonight?

Night 2 of a 2013 Dolinsek. I find this to be the most backwards of the Heritage blends, still predominantly zin but doesn’t have the same profile and doesn’t show quite like the other blends do. I perceive the acidity in this one to be a little higher and the fruit doesn’t quite show the brightness needed to balance that out. I really like all of the Heritage wines, but for vintage 2013 I think I would rank this one at the bottom.

I drank some the '09 Dolinseks shortly after release. Unmemorable. I fortunately saved two of them and had one just a month or so ago. Dramatically different wine. Time, give them time.

Night 2 of a 2011 Evangelho.
I cannot believe I forgot the cardinal rule of Bedrock: Always better the second night.
Suffice to say, true this time. A little viscous and sweet on night 1, much more balanced, good acid, nice, fruit, etc, tonight.

2012 OV Zin on Monday. It was singing, really in a great spot.

Last night was a 2011 Sémillon Lachryma Montis, delicious and one I would opt to drink now through the next few years.

2013 Bedrock Wine Co. Heritage Wine Evangelho Vineyard


I have been on this list for years and still own 95% of all of the Reds I have purchased!

Then please tell us which Bedrock wines you are not opening tonight. TIA

Had 12 OV Zin for lunch, medicinal purposes as I have some killa headcold/virus. Still a ten.

Firestone Pils

2013 Pagani. Do not open one of these. All structure and tannin even on day 2. Don’t do it.

Ha ha. Some people think all Bedrock requires five or more years. Just not true.

Open em up folks.

The '12 Papera. Fantastic.

12 Sodini last night. Excellent. might be tad better with some age but soooo good now.

I tasted the 2013 Ridge Hooker Creek Zinfandel several hours ago - is that the kind of Bedrock that you were thinking of? I was disappointed to see that it was 96% Zin, because I prefer mixed blacks. It was a tasty rich spicy blend, well balanced, with a clear american oak dill signature, but lacked the structure of the 2013 Ridge Geyserville.

12 North Coast Syrah. I’m not sure what the release price was but for the $18 I paid from a fellow WB’er I don’t think there is a better value in Cali syrah. If there is please let me know!

  • 2012 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah North Coast - USA, California, North Coast (3/14/2015)
    Dark berries, florals, olive brine nose, with some woody hints popping through. On the palate there is ripe blackberry, pepper, smoky charcoal, capped off with an earthy, berry finish. Medium body, drying tannin and enough acidity to keep the sweet fruit from becoming overwhelming. (89 pts.)

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Opened and decanting a 2008 Red Wine #2 right now.The cork didn’t have Bedrock stamped on the side. First time I can remember that. Things that make you go hmmm.

Kick Ranch Sauvignon Blanc with a shrimp fettuccine dish.

2009 Hudson Syrah, after a little bit of air to clear out the sulfur nose, it opened up and was a very easy drink.

Just put a bottle of the 2013 Compagni Portis in the fridge to have with grilled Ahi, tonight.

Is it a total waste to drink the Bedrock Syrahs from 2011 and 2012 now? Specifically I have just a couple of bottles of the Griffin’s Lair and the T’n’S. I’ve never had them, so I don’t know what to expect. Historically, I’ve been hit or miss on young syrahs from California.

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