What are your Top 5 Champagne Producers

I find them to be elegantly made, nice expressions of red fruit (broadly on the brut and extra brut, adding red apple on the cuvee de goulte) with good texture. Not quite as “exciting” for me as Bouchard, but very close.


Top 5 bottlings (not producers) stand for 60% of the cellar:

Dom Perignon (Blanc) 16%
Taittinger CdC (Blanc) 13%
Roederer Cristal (Blanc) 12%
Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle 11%
Krug Grande Cuvee 7%

The rest of consists of more entry level Champagnes for parties (15%, like the Collection series of Roederer) and growers (25%). I like the intellectual and vinous pleasure of a grower Champagnes but I prefer drinking big houses (in quantities).


I have quite small holdings of each champagne, as I have a goal of tasting as many different champagnes as possible. But on the other hand, I have more than 40 different producers currently in my cellar.

Top 5 is:
Emmanuel Brochet 6.8%
Jacquesson & Fils 6.8%
Pascal Henin 6.8%
Paul-Sadi 5. 5%
Romain Henin 5.5%

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Relatviely new to Champagne with 4 cases in the cellar, but enjoying the learning curve!

At present:

  1. Roederer
  2. Chartogne-Taillet
  3. Marc Hebrart
  4. Famille Mousse
  5. Interesting tie between Calsac, Laurent-Perrier, Pascal Redon, and Ulysse Collin
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I have around 200 bottles of champagne in the cellar but no heavy concentration of any one thing. I buy a couple of bottles of a lot of new growers when I see them offered, so there are a lot of ones and twos of various things. But I would guess my biggest holdings are Vilmart, Pierre Peters, Veuve Fourny, and Marguet. That shifts pretty easily as in the past I have bought more Chatogne Taillet, Varnier Fanniere, Suenen, etc but drank them and haven’t replenished. I love Champagne.

Laurent Perrier
Charles Heidsieck
Bollinger / Dom P

NICE :grin:

Excluding cases of house pours(mostly Andre Clouet):

Egly Ouriet
Henri Giraud
La Rogerie
Tie between Suenen & Marguet



Early in my Champagne journey I was very narrowly focused but in the last few years I’ve diversified significantly. So most of the producers in my cellar are represented by just a few bottles.


Took a quick look, top 5 are Philipponnat (20%), Bouchard (20%), Vilmart (10%), Pol Roger (10%), Margaine (10%) rest are relatively diversified. I’m surprised champagne is only ~7-8% of my collection given it’s the region I spend the most time visiting and has some unique producers. I wish I had more Larmandier-Bernier and Vouette&Sorbee in the cellar. I think my main challenge is that the producers I liked best took a big price jump and the exciting newer producers pretty quickly increase above $70-80 after a few good vintages.

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That’s interesting. I feel like usually we hear about the opposite progression (first wide, then narrow).