What are your favorite Spanish Wines?

Im just curious, what are your favorite Spanish Wines?
I have my favorites but am always interested in discovering more.

One word: Priorat.

One of a kind…


Not just my favorite Spanish winery – my favorite winery, period.


Clos Erasmus
Nit de Nin

vega sicilia
Lopez de Heredia reds- Bosconia and Todonia

all of the Alto Moncayo’s

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Pretty much the same here. Lopez de Heredia, La Rioja Alta in Rioja and Pesquera, Valduero in Ribera del Duero. Nothing new about those. Very traditional.

I enjoy most mencia I’ve tried. D’Ventura 07 Vina Caneiro Ribeira Sancra is really intriguing and improved over the course of days. I’ve got some bottles tucked away and am looking forward to seeing how they develop with time.

I like Gorrondona’s Bizkaiko Txakolina Tinto too.

Also the same for me, Lopez de Heredia, Pesquera, Valduero, plus a few more. Another two worth mentioning are Castillo y gay and Alion.
The only mencia that has been memorable for me so far is 06 Petalos de Bierzo but I have yet to find others I love and am looking. Ill Have to try D Ventura Caneiro Ribera.

Muga’s Prado Enea 91 has been particularly memorable throughout the years. For whites, gotta go with Rioja again (Lopez de Heredia, CVNE, Muga).

Oh and Jerez, Jerez, Jerez! Alvear (technically Montilla-Moriles), Lustau Almacenista, Dios Baco, Navazos.

Ditto, though I find I really have to do my homework given all the different blends and styles that one word encompasses. One that I like for the price (it was getting blown out at $15 last year) is 2005 Marco Abella Priorat Mas Mallola. I also tend to like Costers del Siurana Priorat Clos de L’Obac and Alvaro Palacios Priorat Finca Dofi though they are at a different price point.

Outside of Priorat, Vega Sicilia is an obvious choice with quite different pricing dynamics compared to anything above:)

Lopez de Heredia (entire line), La Rioja Alta (Gran Reserva 890 and 904), CVNE (Vina Real and Vina Imperial)and Riojanas (Monte Real).

Vega Sicilia
Marquis de Murrietta
Bodegas El Nido

Sierra Car Crash, until it was downgraded.

[thumbs-up.gif] , good stuff.

I also like a small winery named celler escoda that does an interesting chenin blanc in an oxidized style.


Clos Erasmus
Clos Mogador
Clos Martinet

Roda and Mauro!

Clos Erasmus
Clos Erasmus Laurel
Mas Doix
Doix Salanques
Torre Muga
Muga Prado Enea
Muga Seleccion Especial
Muga Aro
As Sortes
Clos D’Agon
Capcanes Cabrida
Artadi El Pison
Artadi Pagos Viejos
Closa Batllet 2 Vinyes

Great read!

I am drifting toward the more traditional styles as well, albeit the most aged of the Riojas haven’t yet captured my fancy. A few examples:

Bodegas Naia (for a light, bracing white)

I agree with the poster above who recommended that you should match your stylistic preferences with others’ palates to see which list of faves will most likely match your own. For example, almost (but not all) red wines imported by Jorge Ordonez are too ripe, oaky, and alcoholic for my taste… although they are very well-made wines with very loyal and enthusiastic fans. On the other hand, many find my taste in more restrained Riojas and the like to be indicative of t he Anti-Flavor elite… although I don’t know how “elite” a basic Crianza can be.


Old bottles of old school Rioja (red AND white!) are among my favorite wines ANYWHERE and are amazing values as well.

I also really love the aromatic whites…

Priorat is my favorite Spanish region, and in particular the wines of Alvaro Palacios (although I have not, sadly, had the opportunity to try a L’Ermita). The Les Terrasses is consistently an excellent value IMHO.