Visiting London next restaurants?

I get to spend next week (3/10-16) with my dear younger sister and brother-in-law. grouphug They live in the Knotting Hill/Bayswater neighborhood.

While we are headed to Leeds and the SE corner over the weekend, we’ll be in the city the rest of the time and I would like to see if there are any events that I can plan on attending. In preparation, I bought a '98 VCC from Berry Bros that they are standing (that’s the year my sister and I spent traveling Europe together). The only planned dinner is at 28-50 Marylebone.

I can’t seem to find a good resource for aggregating events or offlines. Any ideas? [help.gif]

And any wine-related “musts” that I should schedule? Restaurants?


The Ledbury should be nice and close. I’ve only been once, but felt it earned the tariff and then some.

The Ledbury is in Notting Hill. It is my favorite London restaurant. Call now though; it is very popular.

On the other side of town (Shoreditch), and weekday lunch only, is my favorite BYO restaurant, Rochelle Canteen.

The UK Wine Pages lists offlines.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

I will be following this thread as I will be in London in the fall.

Hedonism, in the heart of Mayfair, continues to fascinate me, and is worth a perusal at a minimum, but if you are like me, you will reload your Vinoteque card far more than your Oyster card.

take a peek at Angelus (4 BATHURST STREET LONDON W2). Been there twice now, very good food and excellent list.

Having lived there for two years I know some nice places:


the Ledbury is obviously a very safe choice, and top of the charts in almost any list of top restaurants in London. However, there is much more.

La Petite Maison ( - a very good bistro in London, Brooks Mews (not too far off Oxford Street). No michelin starred stuff, just good honest food. Highly recommended

Medlar ( - located in Chelsea, an ‘upper’ part of town, but I found this very fair money for the quality you get.

10 Greek Street ( - depsite the name this is not Greek! It is very nice, but it is a small place and you will need to make a reservation. Prices are fair and dishes are excellent.

Le Gavroche ( - a very classic, two Michelin star restaurant in London. However, their lunch menu was perhaps the best value offering in London, so you might want to check it out.

The new Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester is quite good as well. But it is *** and located in a high-end hotel, so it ain’t cheap. That said, I have always found the tasting menu’s of the three Michelin starred restaurants in London priced substantially more attractive than eg the *** restaurants in Paris etc.

That said, many of the top end restaurants in London offer extremely attractive lunch menu’s so you could also check out Gordon Ramsey at Royal Hospital Road.


Zuma ( - excellent Japanese restaurant, although perhaps the Sushi purists may find it a bit too fancy. You can book a table but we always prefered it to just show up just before lunch time and then be seated at the Sushi counter, for which they take no reservations. Be in time though, as otherwise the seats are all taken.


Cecconi’s ( - a favorite of us when going for a late lunch or so. Italian food, and same applies here as for Zuma: you can book a table but we just always end up here around 1400 / 1430 and then wait for two seats to become available at the bar. We have some drinks at the bar and order some salad, a pasta, some other small bites. Always busy and always a good buzz. Excellent guy operating the coffee machine as well, you can see he takes pride in his job and they serve an excellent cappuccino / espresso / whatever you want

Zucca ( - excellent Italian food, would go here for dinner though.

Tinello ( - again, excellent Italian food, and (for London) quite fairly priced.

Zafferano ( - a legend in London, so book in advance.

And another classic: - it is a bit of a drive outside of the center of London, but well worth it.

And clearly Locanda Locatelli can’t miss from this list. Not cheap (it is a Michelin starred place) but very good. But you pay for the Damien Hirst artwork on the wall as well :wink:

If you are in or around Soho, stop at for a good Italian coffee, slice of pizza etc etc. Very nice and cool place. No bookings required.


I always like Hakkasan, but every time I leave there I have the feeling I way overpaid… But it’s good food. For the best Dim Sum though go to a very traditional place called Royal Chine, I used to live in Bayswater too and this was very closeby for us. and take the one in Queensway.


For breakfast go to Ottolenghi, it is a simple place with very nice pastry etc etc. They have a couple of shops around London, so have a look at‎

And in Hyde Park you have the ‘Orangery’ where you can go for some scones, etc. Very nice and can be followed by a nice walk through the park.

I am sure I am missing a lot of things, but running out of time now. Will add later.

Very little chance of getting a table at the Ledbury at this stage. Try la trompette in chiswick. Food is nearly as good and great, well priced wine list. They may allow byob too. Strongly recommend.

I was just at the Ledbury 2 months ago and have to say that I was underwhelmed…I would definitely look other places the next time I am back. It is a beautiful room, with great service and a nice wine list, but the food lacked imagination and soul in my opinion. It was too clinical and sterile.
Just my 2 cents.
I’d check out some of johannes.c 's recs…they look great and willl be the basis for where I eat when i am back in London next January.

Funny, the Ledbury is a sacred cow in UK wine circles as they have been amazingly accommodating over the years.

However I am not the hugest fan of the style of some dishes (though I haven’t been back since we left the UK two years ago)

However i couldn’t disagree more about the food lacking imagination, and I don’t think the room is beautiful. It’s a great thing about humanity that we can disagree on things.

Agree with your last point Russell
For me, there was just no soul in the food. It was like the food equivalent of a great painting that is re-created in paint by numbers.
It paled in comparison to the other michelin starred places like Per Se, Le Bernardin, Steireck, and Le Benaton that I have eaten at.
Here is a review that I wrote about our dinner there.

I’ve been a long time fian of the Ledbury but I too was disappointed the last time. I forgot the details but my wife, a vegetarian, was served something with a very similar element twice in the same meal, and one dish was a grilled leak. True, a beautiful leek, but not a compelling leek. We would go back but a la carte. (The BYO option was very nice).

Based on a recent WB thread (it would be much nicer if we didn’t start a new thread each time someone asked about restaurants in London), I went to Pollen St. Social and had
Line caught Devon squid cooked in cauliflower, roasted squid juices, ink rice & sea herbs" which was quite a innovative dish and my dish of the year. Awesome place - in Mayfair.

I heavily recommend:

Very nice owner, very wine-interested - fair wine prices (retail + fix margin) - and corkage shouldn´t also be a huge problem.

(give regards from Wolfgang and Gerhard, that may help)

If you are into very “meaty” or “nose to tail” sort of cuisine, Hereford Road is not far from where you will be. It’s a great spot for a casual but nice meal. Also, you will be in the vicinity of two great London pubs – the Churchill Arms and the Windsor Castle. If that is at all your thing, they are both worth a visit for a pint or two.

Love The Ledbury. My wife and I eat there at least twice each year, when we travel to/through London. We have never been disappointed; quite the contrary. My wife makes it a point to order dishes featuring ingredients that she normally doesn’t like, because she will like the preparation at The Ledbury. In my opinion, the Thomas Keller flagships have lost their soul as he has expanded. The French Laundry was so much better before Per Se opened. Everyone likes something different, which is a good thing.

I think my wife and I will go there - The Ledbury - in the fall. If for no other reason to be able to discuss the restaurant on this forum…

Headed to The Ledbury tonight actually. I will post a report tomorrow. I can confirm corkage is 35 pounds.

I would also recommend stopping by Hedonism Wines in Mayfair. While BBR and others are designed for en primeur and buying in volume, Hedonism has the most amazing collection of wine on hand I have ever seen and is structured like an American store (think Crush but much much larger).

Hedonism Wines

I love all the recommendations. Thanks. Indeed the Ledbiry is full during my stay, but I put our group in the waiting list and reminded them that we we’re around the corner.

It doesn’t sound like any offlines, auctions or events are taking place when I am there. If anyone hears differently, please let me know :slight_smile:

And Berry Bros and Hedonism are a must for sure! I’ve been eyeing an 18l of Yquem!

I can confirm The Ledbury is indeed amazing. I rank it with any meal I’ve ever had. Service was great and wine service was particularly well done. Had both Krug and Comtes de Champagne by the glass and brought in a 2002 Rousseau Clos de la Roche I had picked up at Hedonism that afternoon. Corkage was very graciously waived due to our purchase of other wine. Can’t recommend it highly enough.