Vintuition - WB competition?

Just received a forwarded email from a longstanding (old-as-hell) member of WB with an invite from a winery to join Vintuition:

“As a valued wine enthusiast, we invite you to join Vintuition, an exclusive, invitation-only community to share your insights on all things wine related. Vintuition will facilitate conversations between wine connoisseurs and wineries. You will have the opportunity to give direct feedback on wine related topics ranging from wine label designs, wine travel, wine club offerings, new wine regions you are discovering, wine styles you enjoy and more. In return, your year-long active participation will be rewarded with behind-the-scenes access to select wineries’ winemakers, creative designers, educators and others.”

Anyone participate? Can’t find anything out about it as I haven’t received an invite (wish I was part of the popular group for once)

You used to be a member on eBob… you’ll never be allowed on Vintuition!!! [wow.gif] [wow.gif] [wow.gif] [tease.gif]

Got an email from Siduri with that exact info.

Anywhere’s better than this place! neener

But since I was kicked off in GRAND fashion (including having my name become a censored word) wouldn’t I be excused from the eBob membership?

Yeah, the forward was from Siduri. I promptly emailed Adam, of course… [berserker.gif]

I got it as well, I think through the Siduri mailing list. Seems to be Kendall Jackson market research.

OK… I’ll give you a mulligan, but just this once!! :wink:

Yeah, ‘rewards’ of special pricing if you participate (and give them valuable info) for an entire year.

I was unaware of this.

Adam Lee

I also got an email from Suduri.

So is this a turf war now??? I didn’t sign up for internet violence man.

Got the invite from Siduri as well and signed up. Not sure this will be useful in the least.

It’s pretty awesome when all the invites come from Siduri…and Siduri has no clue what it is. Adam’s about to raise havoc

Apparently he’s not a part of such decision making process any more.

Yes, I believe he is married.


My email about vintuition also came from Siduri. I deleted it, assuming it was a kendall jackson marketing thing.

don’t be jelly todd, the moderators here I’m sure are far better.

Yeah, while this group sends out emails that its representative wineries apparently have no idea went out (on their behalf), the WB moderators NEVER make sweeping decisions with consequences that I don’t know about ahead of time! (#jorge #lylefass)

I received it as well but haven’t delved into it yet. It comes off as them wanting it to be a close relationship with wine buyer and winemaker. That would be interesting but we already have that here, and I can email or call most winemakers I already buy from. If they want it to be a relationship thing, they should tell the winemakers first.

By invitation? Ooooh, how exclusive! That’s in vogue (as of 1/20). I can think of a couple of prime candidates to whom you might forward your invitation.