Vintuition - WB competition?

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I can participate if you’d like some competitive intelligence, but it was ignored as it was clearly from the K-J marketing department.

Adam renamed his Instagram account to be focused on family life, the Siduri Twitter account went to the wolves. Adam the winemaker is MIA.

control freak [snort.gif]

A friend forwarded the email to me yesterday. My first thought was - it never seems to go well when you try to make something like industry/consumer connections happen. At best it happens organically. I don’t recall WB starting with that express goal, it seemed to evolve, at least it was part of a larger whole centered around intelligent (mostly!) wine discussion and of course rehashing the exodus at eRP. It works because there’s at its core a community of wine lovers where some of us happen to be in a the business too.

My second thought is - Adam Lee didn’t know about it? Wow. That’s not how this kind of thing gets off the ground well, IMHO.

I would never be a member of a cub that would have me as a member…

I bearly believe you. Lol

To be accurate, Adam the winemaker is hardly MIA. I spent more time this year in vineyards than in many years and continue to make all of the wines – completely in the way that I want to. Don’t confuse twitter and Instagram with winemaking.

Adam Lee

Hold on a minute. Having followed the Ray Walker saga, I thought they were one and the same. [shrug.gif]

My point was about your online persona, which I thought was clear given the subject of the thread.

I’ve long desired to separate my winemaking persona from my personal one when it comes to online outlets. Not being able to comment on controversial issues because it could hurt the business, etc So I welcome the changes in social media personas.

Adam Lee

I hear ya. Many small business owners feel the same, so I think you just need a cool nome de plume, like Gunner McAwesomesauce


Got an email invite from a winery I like giving me a chance to join this wine related community. Anybody have any sort of a handle on this, and if it is worth joining?