Vacation plans for 2018?

Besides Paris in May, plus our usual August on Block Island, I may do Edgartown Race Week, on Martha’s Vineyard.
What are yours?

Portugal in May. Hopefully Santa Barbara in September.

Vienna and Krakow in early July.

Riviera Maya in spring and Venice and Rome in summer.

Hiking and drinking wine in Provence in September.
Moab, western slope of Colorado in March.

We doing a three+ week trip to Berlin, Vienna, and Venice, with a few other beer-related stops (Bamberg, Prague, Munich) along the way.

We’re doing a tour of Malaysia for 2.5 weeks in April. Been to KL many times on business and always loved it. Can’t wait to see more of the country.

Got a week doing a car rally across Portugal and Spain in June too.

I just spent 6 nights on the Canadian border water ice fishing for Walleye and Sauger- it was very cold up there, it hit -18f with a 30mph wind.

Venice in the spring

Portugal in June. Debating on Papua New Guinea.

Only snowflakes take time off. Adults are busy squirreling away nuts for the endless, bitter, remorseless winter to come

Still trying to figure it out. Just got back from Breckenridge and we are taking kids to San Diego over Spring Break. Scheming a big summer trip.

Vietnam:Hanoi and HCMC
France: Paris, Burgundy, Rhone, Cassis/Bandol

Sweden mostly with a brief jaunt to Dublin. Hoping to sneak down to San Sebastian, but I’m not sure that will happen.

3 family vacation trips planned for 2018: St. Kitts, Paris, and Argentina

I haven’t been anywhere for several months because of major back surgery so I get back on the horse tomorrow.

February - Oahu and Maui
April - Antigua
May - Spain and Portugal
September - San Diego
October - New York and Scottsdale

Then I retire and can really start traveling.

Depends on where we can go with miles. Arnold still hasn’t gotten back to me with his vacation dates but there are a few business class tickets available later this year to Tokyo so we’ll go back to Japan if they are still around when we know.

If not then we’re talking about Normandy and/or Loire ending with a few days in Paris.

No official vacation on the schedule yet for this year. We have a family wedding in Hollywood in April so we’re thinking of making a week of it and heading over to Santa Barbara / Central Coast + the Hollywood portion.

Oman, Mauritius, Dubai/Hatta, Sri Lanka and Lebanon. With a bit of Berlin and London.

New Mexico

Telluride in August. Top Chef did a show there last night and now I’m even more psyched to be there!