Vacation plans for 2018?

Copenhagen (3 or 4 days) and Berlin (5 days) on the same trip in early spring.

Cool, just got back from HCMC for the Lunar New Year weekend. I was woefully unprepared, almost missed sorting out the visa to get in (thankfully if you pay 200 bucks you can get some super fast service that seems kinda dodgy but it does work). Need to get back, and Hanoi is on the list as well.

You need a visa to get into the Hennepin County Medical Center?

West and Northwest Ireland and Northern Ireland and London in the Spring. Daughter and Son in Law just moved from Las Vegas to Portland OR so guess where wife and I are heading in early July. I’ve told my children that when I have to fly 5+ hours I want to wake up where I don’t speak the language. Doesn’t work since my other daughter and son in law live in LA. Could they be any further from Philly. At least the’re still Eagles fans.

Most likely Croatia, but my kids are pushing for a return trip to Corsica. Nothing beats a VRBO in three acres with a pool and more grasshoppers, lizards and bugs than twin five year olds can count. Posting from the French Alps at the moment :wink:

New Orleans for our anniversary …taking part of the family to Alaska in June and cruising from Barcelona to Venice in October.


A question near and dear to my heart.

Already traveled to Kansas for family and basketball this month; going to Amsterdam in April; N. Michigan in August/ Sept.; NW Arkansas in mid Sept.; Amsterdam in October; Zihuatanejo, Mexico in December.

For 2019, we`re doing …

Kauai in July, maybe.

Already have Hong Kong & Taiwan done & dusted.

Banff & Jasper National Parks in July.

Edinburgh for a wedding in September.

Northern Italy in April, Montenegro and Albania in June, quick UK trip for a wedding in June, Georgia (country), Azerbaijan, Turkey & Bulgaria August…wrapping up a four year expat stint at the end of August

I am beginning to wonder if I am the only one here with a job!

How many days annual vacation does a job in the US provide generally?

2-4 weeks, usually, depending on seniority. It doesn’t matter to me; I really don’t “get” vacation time, and could theoretically take as much as I wanted. But I have clients and responsibilities, and the courts will not just wait for me to finish wandering around Europe or Asia.

Your choice!

Not really!


Once a lawyer has taken on a case, he or she cannot resign it merely via personal choice.

Oh don’t be silly. One can choose a lifestyle that doesn’t allow vacations or one that does.

Agreed. I once resigned from a bank with roughly 35 weeks of unused vacation time. Luckily, they were monetized. I will not do that again.

A life without vacation is sad in my opinion. Life is not just about working and making money, it is about living and enjoying it. While I enjoy my job, I also enjoy being on vacation, going hiking or biking everyday, and not having any responsibilities for one to two weeks at a time.