Up-and-coming small Barbaresco producers

Sorry, not divulging secrets :wink: Actually, I’d like you to tell us.

After the kind of interesting kind of tiring detour of critic fawning/thrashing, let’s talk about wines again. There’s been lots of focus and discussion on Piedmont and Barolo/Barbaresco here lately. Barbaresco kind of left in the shadows a little, as usual and as numbers and status dictate. So let’s give the little brother some more attention.

Specifically, are there any small, unknown or almost, maybe young but talented and dedicated producers coming on the scene in the Treiso or Neive hills? Barbaresco or Alba? Always interesting to see or discover who’s coming up; to follow someone from the start; to brag or smugly bask in cutting-edgeness; or simply to take advantage of relative bargains before someone becomes famous or on simpler unpretentious wines.

I haven’t visited in a while nor tasted extensively so feel a little left behind. Hoping for imput from all of you Nebbheads.


Cascina delle Rose


Wonderful people. The views of the Alps from the guest house are incredible.

Rizzi is poorly distributed in the US, but Enrico Dellapiano there is producing terrific wines. I’ve also mentioned De Forville in other threads. Neither get much attention in the US market.

Fine with me. I just picked up some De Forville from the 2010 vintage. What is the aging curve like on these?

+1 on Cascina delle Rose. Wonderful people, with medium weight, complex transparent wines.

With full disclosure of being his importer, Olek Bondonio. He has an amazing piece of Roncagliette (from which Gaja makes sori Tilden), is very traditional in his wine making style, and an extremely engaging guy. I believe Jeremy Holmes has visited a couple times, so perhaps he can give a less biased account.
PM if I can be of service.

No idea, as I haven’t cellared them. They seem balanced and they’re nebbiolo, so there’s no shortage of structure. And they’re not spoofed. So I see no reason they should age for quite a while.

I liked the Rabaja` 2008 by Lorenzo Alutto. That must have been his first vintage.
I plan to try his 2010 soon. Agreed on RIzzi - I like their wines very much! (Their name is Dellapiana, by the way).

Oops. Fixed.

I think Dante Scaglione was a consulting winemaker on Alutto’s wine.

I was just thinking about trying the wines from this producer, funny to hear someone talking about them here. I guess I have to check them out.

And here I thought I was going to have to kill someone in order to get one of my producers mentioned here!?! :wink:
Eric - if you would kindly PM I’ll send you some more info as I don’t want to cross the “shill” line.
Grazie Mille

I wouldn’t be looking for much from Rizzi or De Forville. That way you are not too disappointed.

You don’t like the wines? As I recall you’ve only had one De Forville.

I have had De Forville several times. The 2010 only once and it was the Loreto. Rizzi several times. Like I said, I wouldn’t be looking for much. Maybe you will have better luck with the wines. Or you have different taste.

Giacosa [cheers.gif] [wink.gif]

Good to see a little bit of activity here, though it’s not like the place is crackling. (I wonder how much more interest a similar thread on Barolo would draw?)

Rizzi is not exactly a new name. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed in the past. Felt they could and should have done better seeing the quality and especially the size of their vineyard holdings. They are getting talked about more it seems. If that is because the new generation is making substantive improvements then it’s a nice and welcome thing. If changes are mainly in public relations I’ll remain meh.

Cascina delle Rose and Bondonio seem like interesting names. The latter’s pricing appears somewhat high for a winery with a very short history, don’t know if that’s an issue of this local market or reflective of the producer?

Aldo Bianco
I guess they are not up and coming, they ve been around a long time but definitely under appreciated

And close to his last. Renzo sold his parcel of Rabaja to Bruno Giacosa in 2013.