Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

What you got? I’m sure there are some gems out there but I’m sick of looking at it. If they’d drop the bottles from 12 or actually mark down some of these other ones I’d play. I’m not clear on the pricing dynamics overall. Some of the ones I’m still interested can be found online in singles for a few dollars more.

At the end of the day I’m mad at myself for not buying champagne.

I wish we had picked some up, but man those reds were a steal…

The stuff that I am looking at is all sub $10 a bottle, and more like $8. Those are the best “deals,” IMO, as the are like 80% off retail. There are a few Syrahs that I am eyeing up as I loaded up on Zinfandel during my round one of buying.

There are several $12-18 wines that I’d like, but I need a price drop or shipping cut in order to move on those!

Name them please. We might be able to tell you what to avoid. Many of those “retail” numbers are bogus.

The Prima Materia Sangiovese is worth the tariff, but being a big CC drinker, 12 of them is hard to digest.

The one that I wish I had some info on is the Cote West Mariana’s Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the same vineyard Extradimensional makes their $125 Cab from.

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You’d better hurry there is one case left.

I’ve been looking at the Dusty Nabor Syrah and Grenache, the Bolt To Syrah (also made by Dusty Nabor) and the 3 Odonata SLH Syrah’s available.

All are very small wineries with limited to no distribution, so a retail price is pretty much the winery price. Thoughts?

On that note, does anyone know anything about Portalupi Barbera or Petite Sirah? Or the Sequum Napa Zinfandel, Syrah or MIXT red that is available?

So much wine….

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Dusty Nabor is better than solid; can’t go wrong with anything made by him.

Sequum is the pride and joy of Paul Skinner who has been associated with Pride Mountain Vineyards for over twenty years. His wines are made and stored there. When we were touring caves at Pride, we walked past the Sequum wines in barrels. The Cabernet is the flagship, of course, but I imagine all the wines are well made.

Great info here:


Thanks, I’ve done a lot of research on those wines and have enjoyed a Sequum Cab in the past. Just wondering about their other wines (Zin and Syrah).

I’m sure that I’ll buy….

Ok, see? Once I start talking about stuff with you guys, it’s all over. Just bought $700 worth of wine that I don’t need. I might as well open a wine shop at this point…. :rofl:


2020 Dusty Nabor Spear Vineyard Grenache got 91 from WE with $35 MSRP. Sequum MIXT Napa Valley Red Blend gets 4.3 from Vivino for older vintages anyway. These wines are all $8 - $11, I may break down and get 1 more case to add to the 4 !/2 I’ve already ordered.


Looks like you got the 2018 MIXT!

Does anyone know anything about the other varietals made by LaMontagne? People on here rave about their Pinots, but why can’t I find anything on this winery (like a website)? Are they closed down? How is their Syrah, Petite Sirah and Tempranillo?

So much wine…

Small sample size, but I probably drank 4 or 5 cases of LaMontagne Pinot, and enjoyed them all. I also had a single bottle of 2013 Mourvedre. It was meh.

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you all have made me scan the list … and wonder if anyone has any details/or has tried
2020 The Vice Petite Sirah

Thanks in advance!

I am sure that it is OK, but every Vice wine that I have seen gets discounted eventually (like Beau Vigne), so they are not special to me. The Petite Sirah that I am eyeing up is the Portalupi Mendecino PS. Gets good reviews, so check that out!


Thank you John for the info and alternative recommendation.
I will look at it.

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You got me interested - thanks.

$8.40 and 108 bottles left. I’ve searched for ratings on a number of the UC wines. There were a lot of OK - good ratings, but this is the highest rating I’ve seen and a cellar selection to boot,


I have never had a Portalupi wine, but I do know that what they are really known for is their Barbera, so check that out too! Post that rating here too, @NormPB. Cheers!

UC has the '18 and the '19. Both $9.60.


Have been eying the 2013 Amphora Zin Forchini Watson $7.20 a pop. Had the ‘10 eons ago and recall it being pretty darn good. Great vineyard, great vintage.

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