Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

Loved the Levo wines I have had so I just grabbed a case. You talked me into it so I’ll blame you if the wife objects.

Shipping costs to east coast seem to be consistent at $58 on the cases I purchased.

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Has anyone had any of the remaining Alexander Valley Cabernets?

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Ok, in a weak moment I just bought two more cases of Zin that were down to their last 12 to make up for the Clif Family Zin that I missed out on. :pensive:

What did you get - Preston and ??

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Preston and Trione Sonoma Coast Zin. Have you had either?

I have had the 2019 Preston which I liked but not the other one.You got a great deal on the Preston - I was keeping an eye on it even with $58 shipping to East Coast (CT).
So far I have gone for Levo Soul3d Out and St Jean du Barroux L’Argile Ventoux - not tried either but they have good reviews.
Trying to resist others as have too much wine already!


The Trione has also gotten good reviews and seems like it has a dark fruit profile, which I prefer, so I went for it. Plus, the Sonoma Coast designation intrigued me.

You will like the Levo, I have a bunch of their wine and they do better with age since they are so extracted, so 2017 is prime.

Too much wine is a problem for a lot of us, but I have a very hard time saying no to $13 wine that I can’t get here in GA and is $40 elsewhere!!!

Just noticed Levo is out of stock…

Been since Sat I think.

FYI, I decided to use the contact function on the website to ask the following questions and I quickly got the follow generic response:

What is the end date of this sale? Will there be another phase where the wine or the shipping is discounted further to move the remaining inventory?

Website Admin:
We don’t have an end date published yet. It is our intention to liquidate as quickly as possible. Strategic changes might be made at any time, depending on our liquidation speed. For example, we dramatically reduced our shipping prices on January 29th. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any information about upcoming changes at this time.

Thanks. Couple more things I’d be interested in in increments of 6.

I would assume they would need to markdown the wines that are only 50 or 60% off in the next week or so as it seems that wines that I check on are not moving. Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the beginning of the sale. Those smaller markdown wines are the only somewhat interesting wines left IMHO.

By keeping the end date of the liquidation secret, they are driving up sales. I bet at some point we’ll get an email telling us to hurry and buy more because the sale is ending soon. I’m curious as to how much money they can get with a wholesale liquidation to some place like Grocery Outlet. With the prices already 50% - 80% off, how much more will UC have to lower the prices so that the wholesaler will buy the whole lot? After it is does wholesale, I’ll be frequently checking our 4 local “Grocery Outhouse” stores for these wines.

Probably sell for something like 10 cents on the dollar I’d guess.

I would expect that price too unless maybe the buyer isn’t aware of what prices UC was selling the bottles before. It’ll be interesting to see if UC decides to eventually sell all the wines to us individually rather than by 6 or 12 bottle quantities. We should all monitor their website often for this possible change. I noticed that UC frequently doesn’t email us about changes until days after they occur. This is why i was able to buy a couple of cases of wine being sold as single bottles early a.m. on 1/24, days before they emailed everyone about the sale.

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GO pays under $60 a case, 12 bottle case and usually under $48 unless its something special.

Do you know what their mark-up percent is? They sell some wine for $4 - $6; they must buy those for only $24 - $35 or less a case.

AFAIK it’s just a standard 25-30%. They get a bunch of stuff for $36 a box, that then is sold for $4 a bottle.

Ok, this lull in activity has me researching these lessor know wineries like crazy. Looks like there is some good authentic stuff still available out there. It has me wanting to buy 5 more cases, wine that I don’t need! But how can one resist $50 name brand wine for $12? Would a cold shower help? :joy: