Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

BTW, that 94 pt rating is for the Riserva, not the reg bottling.

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You’re right. This seems to be the original WE review for the regular bottling:

I’ve noticed in our local wine stores that they will sometimes use ratings from an earlier vintage or higher level wine. Buyer beware.

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I’m surprised to see that the Amphora website is still selling the 2013 and it’s $36. Some reviews i read say the wine is over the hill.

You guys have to stop talking yourselves into purchases until they drop pricing…Braveheart meme HOLD!!!


My philosophy is to buy the $4-11 wine now and then carpe diem on the $15+ wine when/if they drop the prices!!!

The $4-11 wine are truly great values, where as the $18 bottles with shipping are not as much, IMO.

I’m just buying the < $10 wines. I haven’t seen any of the high priced wine that had great enough ratings to pay $18 for. I expect that the low priced ones will continue to sell well and may sell out due to there not being much money lost if they turn out to be meh wines. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually lower the price of just the high priced wine. 2020 Clos LaChance Gold Label Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon is $18 and they still have over 2,000 bottles. They probably don’t want to sell these dirt cheap to a liquidator company.

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To the people that have received phase 1 and phase 2 shipments, has there been any negative issues with the quality of the wine received?

If by quality you mean, does the wine taste good, I haven’t opened any up yet. In phase 1, UC wasn’t able to find 8 out of 45 bottles in my cloud cellar so gave me credits to buy wine in phase 2. This was actually preferable because I was then able to pick out specific wine I wanted rather than the 8 that were picked at random by UC. There was a missing bottle in 1 of the cases but I emailed UC and they responded quickly, adding the missing wine to 1 of my phase 3 cases. Overall, I’m pleased with this claim and inventory liquidation process other than having to pay the 21% charge and shipping for already paid for wine. A number of UC customers really complained about this but in bankruptcy, usually no one is made whole. I think we were actually lucky that we got this opportunity from a bankruptcy situation that could have gotten ugly.

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I haven’t tried any of the bottles shipped so far. The one thing I would note is that hopefully you are not in a hurry to receive shipments. I am still waiting on 1 of 6 cases from Phase 1 that were purchased on December 6th. I also haven’t received the 1 additional case purchased in Phase 2 on December 16th. I’m in no hurry for the shipments, but it would be good if they would arrive within the next month before temperatures start to rise again.


As noted above, they have been stored in a professional facility. I haven’t bought anything because I don’t need to acquire wine at a huge discount unless it was wine I was already interested in buying (and not that much in acquisition mode). But, I would not have concerns about storage.


I’m watching the Portalupi wines JDutko recommended looking for a price drop and at the inventory levels. There still are 7+ cases of each so I can wait awhile. I’m now thinking that they may never drop the prices on $8 - $11 wine, only the higher priced ones. After watching the inventory for 5 days, it seems like very few cases have been bought. I imagine at this point in time, UC sales are pretty low as the best wines have already sold.

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In the last 28 days, UC has sold 4,633 of 13,247 cases.

  • Biggest lot sold out: 2017 Beau Vigne Cabby Cabernet Sauvignon $60 MSRP $18 LIQ - 50 cases - $10,800 value
  • Most valuable lot sold out: 2016 Sagestone Carnelian Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $111 MSRP $27.40 LIQ - 37 cases - $12,166 value

They have not dropped the price of any wines that still have stock remaining and likely did not for those that sold out.


How do you know this @J_Patrick_Lynch ?

I compared the spreadsheet of their inventory that I scraped on 1/31 with this morning’s inventory.


So they have only sold approx 1/3 or the wine! Wow, thought that they would have sold way more by now, but I guess those huge lots of Clos Lachance aren’t selling.

On the topic of discounting, there are many $18 bottles that would be pushing $23 with shipping that I am not willing to buy, unless they came down closer to $15 all in. Make it happen Last Chance Capital!

1/3 of what was there as of 1/31. I don’t know what the original number was.

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I copied all the data on Jan 26 and there was 18,717 cases (rounding in to lots of 12 including singles.) They sold a ton of wine at the start.

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The Portalupi wines I’ve been monitoring are slowly selling, maybe a case every day or 2. No price drops yet. Has anybody received their stage 2 wines yet? I’ve got all my stage 1, no stage 2 yet.


Norm - I am watching these Portalupi wines as well and will snag a case of inventory gets low. Just one each, though.

Have you drank any wine that you receive via stage 1 yet? If not, please do and let us know. I am just ever so slightly worried about the condition of the wine as UC turned off the lights. Just covering bases as I have bought a lot of this wine for friends.


If you read back,. UC did not have own dedicated storage, but was in a 3rd party warehouse. The bankruptcy trustee is paying the warehouse.