Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

Ha I check beck every morning to see if they reduce the purchase limit down from 12. A few things I’ve had my eye on are no longer moving any cases. I wonder if they are more likely to reduce price or quantity at this point.

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When sales really slow down, due to the cost of storage, they could sell the whole lot to Grocery Outlet or some other deep discounter. Here in the wine country, the local Grocery Outlets will get some good wines when a local winery or wine seller goes belly up.

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I figure when they’re caught up with shipping stuff out, they’ll reduce prices a little and maybe ‘shipping’ a little for a very limited amount of time, with the promise/threat clear on their page that this is just for a limited time, and then it’s all disappearing (probably in the way NormPB suggests). If the prices are never reduced, I’m happy with what I’ve got. But if they are reduced, I’ll certainly take another gander and probably participate.

OK, just ordered 2 cases of 2018 Levo-Tearing at the Seams.
Visited Paso Robles this past weekend (first time) and in addition to FullDraw, Jacob Toft, and Nicora, we visited Levo. Primary reason for Levo visit being that had purchased their wines on Last Bottle (Marathon) for $30 (+/-) the last couple years and really enjoyed them… Then couple weeks ago randomly searched on Underground and there they were for $9.80 per bottle ($30 case shipping)!! Felt like I was missing something… Tasting room could not believe until pulled up the site, at which point they took picture and sent it to owner. Initial reasoning for both Last Bottle and Underground was a Covid sales/income issue.
Ended up purchasing the 2020 Tearing at the Seams for $60.00 as it was one of my favorites. I still see the 2018 at most sites in the $50’s.
Cellar is overflowing but at this point was a no question purchase.


I can understand if they want to keep things as cases, but I have noticed a few SKUs that used to be full cases that seem to have been ‘broken’ now (there’s an Oppenlander Pinot Noir for instance that is now available in increments of 6). If they just reduced the minimum to 3 I’d probably get another couple of cases.

There’s still a few decent deals out there, though they seem to be continuing to dwindle (someone grabbed the 2017 La Marea Grenache that seems to be in a very good spot from Cellar Tracker notes).

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I am also a levo fan, also thru last bottle et al. I already grabbed the last case of the Grenache on sale here.

I’m glad to hear the 2020 tearing at the seams is a good one, because i split a case from Casemates! However, I see the 2020 is 75% petite sirah, whereas the 2018 is half syrah. Do you have any insight there? Im debating pulling the trigger on a case of that 2018 pulling at the seams…

I have the Grenache and just grabbed the Tearing out of fomo. The Soul3D out Syrah went from 6 cases to sold out on me overnight last week.

De Negoce ain’t got shit on UC


I just got an email from UC that included this sentence:
Please be advised that shipping/fulfillment prices have been reduced on the remaining inventory prior to the next stage of wholesale liquidation.

It looks like there won’t be any more price drops; they’ll just all of a sudden liquidate the entire inventory to a wholesaler.

Noticed some cheaper ($4-$12) wines are available in lots of 6 now. Seems pretty random. Maybe they’ll update that for all SKUs next.

with the reduced shipping costs, I went back in for another case of Levo - Tearing at the Seams this time, $150 all in, hard to beat that.

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2020 Rocca di Montegrossi Rose
$8.20/bottle shipped and delivered to East Coast

A pretty nice summer wine at that price.
(92 pts from Vinous, 17+ from Jancis)

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What am I missing? The shipping costs seem the same to me, ~$58 to east coast.

And who took the Clif Family Zinfandel?!? I wanted that one!!!

They were $75 to Denver and around $100 to east coast before @JDutko

Oh no, not for me. I made my first purchase on January 29 and paid $100 per case shipping to east coast. I made my second purchase on January 30 and several more since then and shipping has been roughly $58 per case since that date.

There was talk of reduced shipping way further up this chain around February 1.


This is similar to my experience for the Midwest. Originally about 75, later dropped to about 45. But that wasn’t recent it was a few weeks ago. I’ve have a case I’ve been watching for a while to see if either the price or shipping drops. It’s not really something I need so I’m kind of on the fence about it.

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That was me too - the Clif Family Zinfandel (Howell Mountain), but it just sold! Dang. I stared at it too long…


I got sniped on two cases and that was at the old shipping prices!

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Can’t believe the 2020 Bodega de Edgar Grenache is still available (3 cases as of this post) @ under $10/btl. I nabbed what looked to be the last case of the 2018 Tempranillo (I’m a sucker for US take on it) and have been eying the Grenache almost every damn day. I just don’t have the room for it! 92 pts. WE for those that care about such things…

Edited to add…And someone should grab the 2 Ledge offerings. Somewhat older vintages but should still be drinking just fine. Solid Paso Robles producer.

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I paid $33/case for shipping on 3 cases to Seattle a couple of days ago (right after that message about reduced shipping cost).

Grabbed a case each of 2 Clos du Caillou bottling and a Sicilian Perricone.