Underground Cellar (wine seller/retailer) OUT OF BUSINESS

I just went ahead. Got six of them. About $50 shipping to the midwest, and six was about the same shipping cost as a case, so added six Idle Merlot ($7 each retailing for about $40) to fill the case. There were only six of those left, otherwise I’m sure that cheap price would have remained a case mandate.

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I’m a big fan of the Korbin Kameron reds, but I haven’t had the 2014 Cuvée Kristin. I have had and enjoyed the 2014 Merlot and both of their 2014 Cabernets so I’d be very optimistic about it.

My main concern has been, when will these ship and will it be without some weird issue? The deals haven’t been amazing enough to overcome those concerns so I guess I’m not a buyer. Cheers to everyone who is if it all goes off well. There are some solid deals if so.

They estimated 6-8 weeks, but based on phase 1 shipping, will likely be longer than that

The wine I received from them was a shipment of just 1 bottle in late Dec and then 2 cases on the same day a week ago. I would say we all have to be patient when ordering from them.

Yeah, I just bought 8 cases and am planning for April-ish delivery. But the deals are too hard to pass up. Thinking about more!

Haha, I’m probably just trying to make myself feel better for balking and then missing out on stuff I was interested in.

I bought a few cases that I definitely didn’t need but couldn’t pass up.
My only concern is that they finally get around to shipping when it’s too hot. Worst case I learn a lesson about if something seems too good to be true…

My worst case scenario thought was, they start shipping these out in a July heat wave and then they point to that disclaimer.

So it appears that my original order will be here this week. My second order is about a week behind that. All according to shipping notifications I just received. Will post once things are received and validated.

Either of the orders in Phase 3 or previous phases?

Phase one and phase two

There is an article in Wine Spectator on this. Having not read all the posts, is there any interlocking relationships between the board/CEO and Triple Point?

A number of Harrington fans here, and there are 4 different wines currently available at ridiculous low prices.

Vermillion Red Rhone Blend, made by Helen Keplinger, available at $7.60.

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What Aperture did they have? Just curious. When I went through this list was fairly picked over.

When I looked on the 27th it showed the 2017 Aperture Cellars Alexander Valley Red Blend had sold out at $11 each.

Crazy! That year has been my favorite for the blend.

Correct, it was the 2017 red blend.