Under the Wire - New sparkling wine from Morgan & Chris

Most of us who pay attention to Morgan’s hints or are lucky enough to visit Bedrock, already knew something of this project. Now they’ve found a name, and here’s our opportunity to say we followed them from the very start!

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Under the Wire is a project devoted to all things sparkling. The simple, yet unique premise is to make California sparkling wines based on an individual vineyard in an individual year. The first wine, the 2011 Brosseau Vineyard Chardonnay, from 31-year-old own-rooted vines grown on limestone and decomposed granite in Chalone is slated for disgorgement in the waning months of 2013. Please sign up below to be added to the Mailing List and receive offers on the wines once they become available.

—Chris Cottrell & Morgan Twain-Peterson

Thanks! Signed up. I’m number 14!



Suck it.

I was 23, too. And it looks like the next person will be 23 as well

Looking back it seems they are stuck on 23. [oops.gif]

Communist Plot!

I’m #31; same as the age of the vines! I’m sure there has to be a prize for that, right?!

No Bill it is all being sent to you and you have to arrange shipment neener

Your place in order is how much you pay per bottle! [snort.gif]

I’d take that deal! (When I send my payment, I’ll let Morgan know you said so.) [cheers.gif]

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Just got the email from Bedrock about this. Very exciting! Looking forward to trying their take on sparkling wine from old vines and historic vineyards. #43.

The Official Bedrock email just hit. The numbers will rise rapidly now.

Maybe I am 134. Didn’t seem to update.

  1. Or some other much larger number depending on how often it failed to update…

It’s down to 2 bottles per person… Soon to be wish list only.

#280 bigger is better [snort.gif]

Wow, I was 134 (or thereabouts), 20 minutes ago. Now the counter is up to 459. Looks like a lot of folks are jumping on this pretty quickly.