Under the Wire - New sparkling wine from Morgan & Chris

I signed up somewhere in the 130s. Looking forward to this.

Do you think recent movement will start a new trend in California sparkling, with projects such as this one and Loring’s coming online soon?

Only 600 bottles and they are up to 700 signed up so far. Glad I was in the thirties!


Wow, I just got the e-mail and signed up as #700. Lots of interest now but I wonder how many will buy when the wines are offered if the sparkler is made available on its own (as opposed to being made available along with a Bedrock offer like the Abrente Albarino).

Any guesses to a release price?

Based on early interest and 800 list sign-ups in 2 hours I would say $400


I was number 426,243!!!
Word must be getting around.
I am getting one bottle of Chandon - at least that is what the email reply was.
And the price was $65 with free shipping.

You got a reply?

That will be my asking price on CC [smileyvault-ban.gif]

In that case I’m coming in at $399 :stuck_out_tongue:

newhere [sarcasm.gif]

Over 1000 now. Allocating those first 600 bottles will be painful.
Congrats to Morgan and Chris, great start to the new project champagne.gif

(and thanks to Todd for getting that Champagne smiley installed just in time)

You think its being allocated in order of when people signed up?

I would hope so, and not like the Next of Kyn.

No problem, were all gettin a 375 [stirthepothal.gif]

My guess is the allocation will be based on Bedrock purchase history.

Why have a separate mailing list then?

Exactly, that’s why I think this will be figured on sign-up order. The first couple releases will set the stage for production in the coming vintages.

So best we can tell over 1000 people have signed up. This would have never happened if it was not for a loyal following of Bedrock fans. You missed being one of the 1st 300 or 600 by 10 minutes so no wine for you. I highly doubt this is what Morgan will base the allocation on. I guess we will find out soon enough.

Don’t remember my number when I signed up this morning.
I guess I’ll find out soon enough if I got:

"Under the Wire"


Exactly. I buy a few cases a year and signed up as soon as I got the e-mail but was number 700. I’d hate to lose out because I was actually working rather than watching here for news I had no reason to expect, but time will tell.