'Under the Radar' Value CdP??

The more southern Rhone wines I drink, the more my tastes shift in that direction. Unfortunately I don’t have the wallet to spend $50/60/70 on the big names of CdP, so I’m wondering if there are some ‘under the radar’ CdPs out there for $35 or less that will also age well. Pepper/meat/earth notes float my boat, and a little brett isn’t a bad thing IMO.


Monpertuis Classique. Brought in by Neal Rosenthal. I know they sell it at Hi-Time if you’re near there. Real gutsy and well, classic as the label says. Not hedonistic style. More structured and pretty style.

Usseglio Tradition. Great wine in any vintage/

One producer I like in this price range (or even cheaper, most probably) is Fontavin - not a big bruiser, not earth shattering, not pure grenache or syrah, simply a CdP that is true to its origins - might not get tons of points but every time I open a bottle I’m pleasantly surprised and the memory of the price brings an extra smile to my face.

One of the bottles that has blown me away by how well it is drinking for the price is the 2001 Vieille Julienne. Current vintages are in the $60 range.

But call now and you can get this gem today, open for business and in stock at PC for $25. But wait, there’s more (not really, but my inner Billy Mays got the better of me)!

Full disclosure: I have a case waiting at PC for the weather to cool down.

Côtes du Rhône Villages. :wink: [cheers.gif]

But it doesn’t have the fancy raised glass insignia bottle!!!

The Pierre Usseglio is a belter for a sub $35 CdP and about $30 for the 2006 here (UK) at the moment. His ‘luxury CdP’s are a huge step up in price, sometimes worth it sometimes not!

The issue I have with CdRV or Gigondas is that they’re often priced the same as the cheapest CdP, or even more, and most of the time I still prefer the CdP. The real steals for me are the dirt cheap CdR or even stuff like the VdP Principaute d’Orange from La Janasse.

You can typically find the entry level CdP from Clos St Jean for under $35. Great QPR.

I agree with Guillaume. It seems some of the value CdP bottlings are better than the best Gigondas and CdR just doesn’t cut it for me unless we are talking Coudoulet de Beaucastel in a very fine vintage…

I really like Clos du Mont Olivet - usually under $30.

The Pierre Usseglio Tradition is a bargain, IMHO, almost every year and usually well under $35. In some vintages the Janasse regular bottling can also be around $35. Cuvee du Vatican’s regular bottling is also very good, especially the '05.

However, in '07 the Vieux Donjon seems like a screaming bargain. Yes it’s over $35, but I’ve seen it under $50 and I think it’s the best Vieux Donjon I’ve tasted since the '98.

Dan! Great seeing you post here. I agree with your pick and will second Vielle Julienne as well.

Like others have said, Usseglio and Janasse would mane any CDP aficionado very happy in any vintage and for about $35-38…and yes, especially in 2007, there are Cotes du Rhone Village that are screaming bargains for the tremendous quality in the bottle.

FWIW (Disclosure: I do sell the wine), talking about CDR, I’ve opened a bottle of Chave Mon Coeur 2007 last week and it was absolutely fabulous. I’m talking serious wine there.

Agreed, there are some VERY fine 07 CdR and value bottlings in the 10-20 dollar range. But the 07 entry level CdPs are definitely a step above for 25-40.

As to CdRs, if you can find Olivier Hillaire’s CdR VV it is excellent and under $20. I’ve only tasted the '07 but I think it would fool many in a blind tasting should it be mixed in with CdPs.

Grand Tinel has generally hit the spot for me as far as a house that hasn’t been mentioned yet

The Mon Coeur was my suggestion as well. Haven’t had the 2007, but earlier vintages were usually around $20 a bottle and very enjoyable.

If talking CdRV, then the Domaine de Mourchon Seguret Tradition or Grande Reserve is well worth looking at. Sadly for me it is easier to find in the USA, as it it very limited here in Blighty.