Here comes the sauce for the Gyros Rollbraten, very refreshing. I would serve it also to lamb in summer times.


The only problem is that in the US, a lot of Greek Yogurt isn’t Greek enough. If you like your Tzatziki thick, you will need to put a piece of unbleached paper towel in a strainer, place the strainer over a bowl, and drain out some of the water. How much? Depends on how thick you like the sauce and how much you drain the cucumber.

Fage is my standard for Tzatziki for the reason Jay points out. If I can’t find the 5% fat version of that then I will see what other Greek yogurts are out there. I usually end up straining those overnight.

I also tend to strain all of the moisture I can possibly get out of the cucumber- I shred it into a towel and then squeeze the heck out of it. Makes for very dense Tzatziki.

Tzatziki is absolutely wonderful! Amazingly, I hate yogurt, but absolutely adore tzatziki. Obviously, there’s something magical and transformative about cucumbers, garlic, herbs, and acid.

I usually go heavy on all additions, but for the salt and garlic, so I end up with an herb and cucumber heavy version.

I’m also a fan of straining the yogurt— another Fage fan, here.

As for the cucumber, I peel, cut lengthwise in half, use a spoon to hollow-out the middle, and then slice it crosswise, then cube those slices — probably 5 or 6 to an inch. I lay out the cubed cucumber in a single layer on paper towels and cover with another layer of paper towels. The towels get replaced usually 2 or 3 times before I’m satisfied with the moisture removal. This is the first step I do, allowing this process to take place while the rest of the preparation is happening.

When I make the sauce, the best way I have found for getting as much water out as possible:

Peel Cucumber
Cut in half and then use a spoon to remove all of the seeds and goo
Cut into inch cubes and place those cubes in a two cup food processor and then go to town
Pour the contents of the food processor into a clean dish towel and then make a knot on the cucumber end
Twist the towel to wring all of the cucumber liquid to leave behind a solid mash of perfectly dry cucumber bits

I will use the cucumber liquid to make a summer time beverage:

2oz Gin
2oz Cucumber Water
1oz Lime Juice
1oz Simple Syrup
Tonic Water as needed

I do something similar to get the liquid out of the cucumber. When I’m done wringing the liquid out the cucumber is almost transparent at that point.

That cocktail sounds fantastic. I might be inclined to throw a sprig of thyme in it.

Fresh mint plays as well.