Two Buck Chuck Is Live!

I just couldn’t resist…
Have been off the Boards for a good time and come back to see it seems to be spiraling down…
I guess it couldn’t be respectable forever…

Gotta admit that was good!

Well, the first 12 cases of their chard that get sent to stores are from their select bottling they use for shows and competitions.

The Double gold best of show chard is based on the first few cases to hit your stores!

There are vast and ponderous levels of 2BC to be deciphered! Awesome wines if you can time it right and decipher the bottle codes!!! Amazing if you hit the right barrel.

Anton, I could not have said it Better!

I long for the days when this board would involve worthier discussions such as your contributions to such important topics like wine Whole Foods.

So now some people feel the board is spiraling downward because members post about wine lists they’re on opening for sale?

Sounds more like a case of envy.

At least the Mollydooker one was funny because people USED to lose their shit over those wines at some point.

Pretty much the same commercial posts touting the latest & greatest mailing lists and mines-bigger-than-yours comparisons. Same as it ever was.

Well for one it is Fall when new releases happen, so there’s that. If I am honest and that rarely happens, I would admit hanging around here just for the Berserker Day deals. Everything else is filler.

And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?

That’s funny.

Cue the Nine Inch Nails instead?

The only responsible course of action is to shut down the board now. We can’t in good conscience allow this level of heartache.

Are you saying that the posters have some financial interest that is not disclosed, receive free bottles about which they post favorable notes here without disclosure, or the like?

That’s it Todd! Shut’er down! We had a good run. Had to end at some point.

Well we are in Life during Wartime…

I’m a bit tired of hearing about all these “live” lists of wineries we are supposed to spend money on; if that’s not commercial, what is?

I actually find it helpful in some cases. Would have missed at least a few offerings due to emails getting stuck in spam if it wasn’t for those threads.

this thread has stopped making sense

Now, now, don’t go burning down the house.

Order in!!!