Trying To Understand Palates on This Board . .

Flawed poll, no option for “slow ox.”

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In places where coffee is actually grown, it is very rare to find anyone doing anything other than moka pot (greca in Spanish) or espresso or things akin to Turkish-style steeping. I should know because I come from one of those places. In days of yore you could find sock coffees (poured through a sock on a metal loop) but those are exceedingly rare now. And sure, you can find pour-over for tourists but almost nobody local drinks that.

So, it’s always, shall we say, interesting to me when “coffee purists” (and I’m not saying you’re one of them) who have never set foot on a coffee farm, have never seen drying coffee, don’t even know what an abayarde is, lecture people born, and steeped, in coffee country, who spent their youth going to coffee farms (I never worked them them but I’ve been to many) on how to best drink coffee. That never seems to happen to people from wine country. I won’t speculate here as to why.

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While we are a this, my bean grinder died the other day. I DO NOT want to spend an arm and a leg for a new one, but want a good, fairly consistent grind (understanding that yes, there will of course be variation, as we are not enriching uranium here).


I only drink black coffee but not hot very hot :stuck_out_tongue:

Any decent burr grinder.

I quite like my Smeg. I probably paid a lot more for the brand. But at least the powder blue matches the filter machine and milk frother…

There’s a thread with many recommendations:

I don’t like the flavor of coffee. I don’t drink either because of the acid.

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134 posts and no one has posted this video?

Is there no Berserker left in Wine Berserkers?

Standards people. Standards!


I’ve been waiting to see who would reference Airplane.[quote=“Ken_V, post:137, topic:286846, full:true”]
134 posts and no one has posted this video?

Is there no Berserker left in Wine Berserkers?

Standards people. Standards!

I’ve been waiting to see who would reference Airplane. Ken wins the Internet for today.


This thread is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.

But on topic; I drink black tea with a splash of milk.

Keep em coming, folks. Is the poll ‘flawed’? I am convinced that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ poll here on WB for many reasons. Yes, coffee can be quite complex and how we drink it and enjoy it is sometimes not easy to ‘categorize’.

Just to reiterate, if you can drink your coffee black and actually enjoy the flavors and everything else about it, but choose to put something in to it to cut the acid or to add some ‘texture’, you should still answer that you prefer it black.

And yes, I understand that ‘milk’ and ‘cream’ are very different but for this exercise they are being treated the same.

Yes, there are nuances involved here. For those of you who say you can drink your coffee black but generally don’t because the coffee you encounter is usually ‘not good’, then answer black as well.

Any other questions or comments - ask and state away please.


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Do you need the milk in there or do you do it ‘because of tradition’?


Coffee just makes my jittery. I’m one of those weird people who wakes up in a good mood without the need/desire for a stimulate. Occasionally at a social gathering I may indulge in a cup but by the time I’ve added the necessary cream/milk and sugar it could pass as ice cream.

Well stated and yep, my wording is far from perfect. And it does not take into account ‘all choices’. I was trying to make this as ‘simple’ as possible, and in my attempt to do so, it may not have ‘worked’ to be as simple as it could be.

Thanks for the feedback.


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I prefer tea with milk over tea without milk.

Double shot espresso black at home, if traveling I generally do cold brew. Something about hot drip/pourover/other hot coffee generally tastes thin to me.

Also curious as to how this is all going to tie into wine later on, since I seem to like more tannins in my coffee than my wine.

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Not many people mentioning Iced coffee in this thread, which pleases me because I absolutely hate iced coffee…

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This opinion piece summarizes my current feelings about this.

So now that we are armed with this interesting bit of information on how different people have different perceptions of taste and intensity, I want to urge you to not automatically group certain tasters with certain coffee flavor profiles. There are so many other factors that can influence a person’s love of coffee.

I feel like I’m walking into Madam Leonela’s tarot tent at the fair.

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Another great post.

My only quibble is that if Hardy filtered his wines would have a different type of magic than they do being unfiltered. Maybe a magic that is less impressive to some, possibly including Hardy, but great raw material isn’t ruined by filtration or lack thereof. It’s just a different expression.

I drank French press at Stumptown coffee for years, and had some of my favorite cups of coffee then. But sediment does get through, and at some point I grew to prefer the cleaner mouthfeel of pourover. I do think that I get more nuance from filtered coffee than French press, but that’s personal preference for me at the moment.

At some point it should also be mentioned that some oils in coffee can exacerbate problems with cholesterol and that filtered coffee is the best option for anyone concerned about high levels of cholesterol.

I did not know that (says the guy who recently got off the statins and is trying to stay off them).