Trying To Understand Palates on This Board . .

I think it’s more about the filter. Even with a Mahlkoenig EK43, the grandaddy of all grinders, you’re not going to be able to shatter the beans in a way that avoids leaves fine particulate. Even if you’re using a caffi paper filter on your French Press, the seal is not tight enough to prevent particulate from flowing through, and it leaves your press sitting on the grounds, which degrade the taste as undesirable bitter (and woody and ashy) compounds continue to dissolve. That’s the whole reason the aeropress was invented - essentially a French Press, but with all 99%+ of particulate matter removed and much finer control over brewing time and temperature.


One cup of coffee every morning, black.


I essentially agree, which is why I went back to espresso or moka pot as preferred methods. For me it was very hard. But I have a friend who does it well somehow. He always said it was the grind.

No, no, no, NO. It is more like enjoying a Hefeweizen vs a Pils. It is a different experience.

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No coffee or tea for me.

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Come to Oregon where the black coffee is amazing!

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You are welcome to visit anytime and we can skip the wines and just talk coffee. That is a great post and tons of excellent information.

I always feel really lucky that there are so many great single origin coffees now, along with different beans, processing styles, great roasters, and brewing knowledge/equipment. It makes such a difference. Now if Grassl will start making coffee cups…

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No…natural process coffee is usually brighter and fruitier than other methods but is still regularly capable of expressing the origin of the beans(even if that isn’t important to you).

Natural wine is hit or miss between tasting like a plave and tasting worse than David’s Folgers.

Not flawed at all - you don’t drink hot coffee at all?

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Because you don’t like the flavor or are there other reasons?


“Creamer” and milk are not the same. It’s like margarine or Crisco vs butter. If you bake or have any taste, you would never have margarine in the house but you would have butter.

I like coffee with a bit of milk. If my only choice is creamer, I don’t want any coffee at all.


Same here. I can’t put it any more clearly and concisely than that.

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The choices in the poll don’t remotely match the choices that people make. The idea that drinking coffee with sweetener, sugar or something else is at all like drinking black coffee is, to me, absurd. The usual choices with coffee are 1) black, 2) with sugar, 3) with cream or the like, 4) with,as they say, cream and sugar. And, these days, those choices don’t really cover the things people prefer to do to coffee. The choices surrounding tea equally have a standard taxonomy your poll doesn’t match. It may be that your choices match up with some hypothesis about correlation with wine preference, but, even so, as you can see by the confusion your Borgesian taxonomy is causing, your aren’t likely to get the information you want from responses here.Indeed, if the taxonomy you are using is so anomalous, there is some reason to doubt its value.


Usually cream and sugar, but I will drink it black, or just sugar/just cream.
But only high quality coffee.

Interesting. I also like the smell, but I can only drink hot black coffee. All these cold variants, desserts, etc are just weird. (Except affogato, that gets a hall pass). :coffee:

Ha ha, I clearly am a country bumpkin compared to you! You are probably a burgundy guy.

Funny enough, if there is indeed a correlation between wine and coffee appreciation, my choices in coffee probably suggest that I prefer Young magnums of Ovid made by Michel Rolland.

I like my coffee big, bold, roasted, slathered in cream and a couple of packets of raw sugar. I generally use a French press, and love all the particulate matter. I actually like Turkish coffee as well. Otherwise when I am in a rush, I hit Starbucks or use the Keurig with the Starbucks pods. Yes I know, scandalous.

My daily ritual used to be a stove top Cuban coffee maker using café bustello, a popular Cuban coffee. My wife used to complain about the mess I made on the stove, as invariably these things overflow, or since I packed it so tightly with espresso, stuff blew out the sides. My last use resulted in the top blowing off and coffee spraying all over the ceiling in our kitchen. The mess was astonishing. More astonishing was the concern of had I been near the pot when it exploded. I used to love a traditional café con Leche, Cuban style. No mas.

In the afternoons I usually pop down to a gourmet coffee boutique in our building and get iced coffee. The cold brew kind. Really love that stuff. And again, with cream and a half and half sweetener.

As an aside, for the many years when I did regular business dinners with clients and prospective clients, I always casually noticed a correlation between my clients’ whiskey and wine preferences. I generally noticed that my clients that preferred Napa Cabernet tended to also prefer bourbon. Those that preferred French wine, tended to prefer scotch.

So basically people who drink lighter roast single origin coffees black are your AFWE, drink single vineyard not too oaky types. Guilty, if that was one of the things you were aiming at. Then you have your double cream double sugar types, who add Austin Hope to the menu every day to accelerate their race towards Type II Diabetes?

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For really good coffee I like it black but for my morning cup I add a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk.

And those of us who enjoy both Bourbon and Scotch (and Rum, and Gin, and…)? :wink:

Just confused drinkers?