Top 15 Riesling GG must trys in no particular order

Schafer-Frohlich Felseneck
Rebholz Kastanienbusch
Christmann Idig
Keller Abtserde
Wittman Morstein
Schloss Lieser Juffer-Sonnenuhr
Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg
Battenfeld Spanier Zellerweg Am Schwarzen Hergott (I import)
Andreas Laible Plauerlain (I import but won’t offer, too little)
Burklin Wolf Kirchenstuck
Van Volxem Altenberg (Erste Lage)
Heymann-Lowenstein Uhlen R Rotlay (Erste Lage)
Zillken Rausch
Dr. Crusius Bastei
Wagner Stempel Heerkretz

Van Volxem has a Kanzemer Altenberg?! Cool!

(Agree and disagree with various parts as you can imagine, but that’s the first thing that caught my eye.)

The 2010 Schafer-Frohlich Bockenauer Felseneck GG is simply stunning. I did need to re-apply enamel to my teeth after tasting it though!

It’s all subjective but a friend texted me I should do a list and these are my top 15 after going over my GG notes from the past 10-12 years. All these are consistently profound.

The VV has some RS so thus an Erste Lage. It is VV’s best wine for me.

As with Salil-concur in part. That said I will look out for the few I have not yet tried.

Less concerned about the nomenclature, more thrilled that he’s making a wine from Kanzemer Altenberg - I wasn’t aware he had a parcel there. On an aside, I’ve been drinking through a fair bit of the 08 von Othegraven Altenberg Kabinett, just a stunningly delicate, pure wine.

(BTW, if you’re including dry wines not bottled/marketed as ‘GG’ in here… where’s Saumagen? :wink:)

I’m also a huge fan of Keller’s Morstein, as good as Abtserde can be.

Salil-VV Altenberg is in the glacial cellar. Not the EL bottling though.

Awesome list. Thanks. I’ve had only a few of these–with great success–and I’d like to try them all. The SF Felseneck GG is one of the few wines I buy every vintage no matter what.



Thanks for the list Lyle! Best part is almost all of these can be had at less than $100 so makes the hunting/trying even more enjoyable!!

I think the Burklin-Wolf deserves a spot on such a list, but I don’t think they label it GG (at least not up to 2007; has that changed?).

I’m a little surprised not to see Donnhoff Hermannshohle on there. Is there a particular reason for that, or does it come in close to these for you?

What do you think of Kühling-Gillot Nierstein Pettenthal?

I tasted all the 2011 Burklin Wolf GG wines at Wiesbaden last year and tasted at the estate before. They make a range of GG’s from many top sites in the Pfalz. They have Gaisbohl as well which is half GG and half 1er Cru. I believe they only make a wine from the GG part. Bohlig is also a great 1er Cru site there. And Rechbachel as well. As far as their GG’s my 2nd favorite is Pechstein. Hohenmorgen would be 3rd.

I tasted the 2011 Kuhling-Gillot Pettenthal once at the estate and once at the Wiesbaden tasting. I liked it a lot. Was their most complex GG. Really nuanced and complex nose. Super intense on the palate. Tight though. The Keller Pettenthal the one time I tasted it I think was a better wine. Not by much though.

Out of the 5 GG’s of Battenfeld-Spanier and Kuhling Gillot I tasted twice in the span of a week the Am Schwarzen Hergott by Spanier was my favorite consistently. I do rep them, but I would have said the same thing if I didn’t. The other GG by KG I tasted, the Olberg was fantastic as well. Citrusy, spicy, really juicy and a drink early GG, but still complex and from a great terroir. The Pettenthal seemed more structured and less giving both times than the Olberg.

I have had more just ok bottles than great ones of Donnhoff Hermannshohle GG. The '01, before it was labelled GG, showed about as great as any German wine I have ever had. But as it aged it fell apart.

Yes, but their labels say “GC” (Grand Cru) and “PC” (Premier Cru) rather than “GG”, correct?


I’ll have to look at my pictures, but I think, but they are still GG’s and in the VDP. Knowing the germans I am sure GG is on there somewhere even if GC is on the front.

I’m sure that it wasn’t on several 2007 bottles I’ve seen.

Doug-I was going to mentikn Donnhoff as well, but Lyle is in the “Donnhoff doesn’t age” crowd, so it’s pointless.

As of last week, the '07 Hermannshohle GG is now fallen apart too.