Tn: 2016 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte du Py

Quite possibly the best young Py from Foillard that I have seen. So bright and detailed with aromas of fresh flowers, sandalwood and red fruits. It is silky in the mouth, with excellent definition and a palate that builds and fans out like great red Burgundy. The finish is energetic and long.

Have had it a couple of times in the last week and agree that it’s a serious hit for Foillard. It contains the old vines that would typically go into the cuvée 3.14

Ah, very good guys. Have bought this on the regular last five years or so. Have a few 16s, I’ve yet to try. Take one for a ride soon.

Great note, thanks Jeremy. What’s your preferred drinking window for the Cote de Py, generally speaking?

I really enjoyed the 2015s. Is this even better?

Sarah, I have had them with 10+ years age, and enjoyed them, but tend to drink them young, within the first 5 years of release.

Darnell, as William intimates, there’s some serious material in the '16 and it is a bit fresher and more detailed than the '15.

Foillard’s wines are some of the better and more consistent propositions for bottle aging among “natural” Beaujolais producers. Had a 2006 Côte de Py the other day that is cruising along, and I still have 2009 in my cellar. But they’re fun young, too. I would describe them as wines to follow with pleasure throughout their lives, rather than wines that need to be forgotten.

Thanks Jeremy.

Interesting. Mine lobbed today. Obviously no travel shock when sent to Tanunda?

I had to throw a bit of a tantrum to get this wine in NZ, the new importer only wanted to offer it to restaurants and wine bars.

Would say this is a typical very good example to try gamay ?

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Oh Yea

FWIW, it was my gateway.

World class.

Any thoughts on the Cuvee Corcelette vs Cote du Py?

Coincidentally, we drank this tonight at the tiny (18 seat) and very good bistro, Grive. Very energetic. Excellent balance. Delicious now, but I imagine it will be better after a couple of years.

Yes! The 2016s are equally delicious as the 2015s but with much more structure to last. The 2016s are beautiful and have lots more spine, mineralty, and tension than the more fruit-driven 2015s.

Prefer the Côte de Py.

Sandy soils in Corcelette, and the wine is a bit softer and broader.

Well, I was going to post a note, but then this popped up again, so here goes:

2016 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte du Py Gamay more
9/22/2018 -
Terrific young Cote du Py from Foillard. Floral and wet rock (life after it rains) and fall spice nose. Juicy cranberry-ish fruit, that is crunchy and so light weight, the palate texture is like silk. So smooth. Leaves you wanting more of that juice. Finishes cool and long. Such energy, no harm in drinking now, but prob has a nice long life ahead.

I’ll add my note to this thread. Guess I’m the lone hold out in declaring this the wine of the vintage:

2016 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte du Py - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (10/9/2018)
Some crushed dark fruit on the nose, along with more than a hint of sweet/sour pickle; pretty decent darker fruit on the medium bodied palate, turning sweeter strawberry on the mid-palate through the finish, with good acidity and some fine tannins hidden in there somewhere. I like this more than I did the riper 15 version, but that sweet note is not really a favorite. This bottling is getting a lot of raves, but for my tastes I preferred the 14, or the 16 Thivin I wrote up a few days ago. (88 pts.)