TN: 2015 Guillaume Gilles Cornas

Tasted today out of curiosity after some chatter in the other Northern Rhone threads, had with a ribeye steak. Decanted ~1 hour (did not want to wait any longer for dinner) and drank over the course of another hour and half.

Definitely a bit of a modern/cleaner style of Cornas, with clean and pure purple/blue fruit (blueberries, blackberries) which I loved and some of that grapeyness that young Syrah can exhibit. Just a whiff of something animal/gamey akin to leather but not in a rustic way… clean, un-sweaty leather. Touch of dark earthiness, perhaps a bit of roasted cocoa nib? Well balanced juicy acidity and a stony mineral core adds pleasant interest, but unsurprisingly, this is definitely way too young and closed for me to get a good sense of the full experience of this wine. The tannins were fine-grained and pleasant, if abundant, and the fuzzy/velvety sensation lasted for what felt like a couple minutes on the tongue. Purple tongue staining and concentrated, but with its 13.5% ABV and juicy acidity, it really felt quite elegant.

I’m a fan and might try to grab a couple more if wine-finances allow. A quarter bottle survived the dinner and stashed in the fridge for tasting tomorrow!

Thanks for the excellent note. May have to find and stash a few bottles.

Jonathan, your impression of this wine is much like mine: TN: 2015 Guillaume Gilles Cornas - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

It should have a long life and develop nicely to show more detail and nuance, but now it is impressive for its purity and depth.

Disclaimer: I sell Gilles wines.

Surprised how modern these sound, considering how the AFWE have glammed on to them.

Thanks for killing a baby! I’m not sure why it would come across as modern as it’s pretty classic in it’s making:

From JLL: “mainly 1976/78 Syrah from Chaillot, plus 1950s Syrah from Mazards, Saveaux, crop crushed, whole bunch fermentation, 3-4 week vinification, 1 or 2 pumping overs at the start and finish, manual cap punching, malo in cask, aged 70% 4-14 year 600-litre, 30% 400-litre oak casks 18 months, unfined, unfiltered”

Im rather new to the estate, but it comes across as both old and new, and can see how the ripeness of 15 pushes it into the more modern camp.

Here is my note on the 12:

I have ordered 15 but not yet taken delivery.

Quick note: I don’t mean modern in the extracted, oaky, heavy sense (which I think comes to mind to a lot of people), but I mean it in the sense that it comes across very clean, both in fruit and in the lack of common old-school winemaking flaws like brett. Please don’t imagine that this is coming across like a goopy overripe Syrah because I wouldn’t want to slander this wine like that. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was thinking you meant. More polished. Less rustic.

Can’t wait to get mine in and pop a bottle!

Just saw Ryan put up some for sale on commerce corner at a pretty good price below ws low. Tempted to grab a btl and try it before mine arrive.

Caveat: ryan is a friend. But I buy a lot of wine from him at no discount :frowning:

Where are you getting these? I’ve only had 2014 made available to me through Rosenthal.

I would call these modern in the way that Allemand is modern. I think they are very good.

Well that’s not a bad thing then. Some of the comments made me think more of Voge and Paris.

Yeah, if I had seen your tasting note I would’ve just bumped up your thread because we seem to be converging on the same point! The purity as you mentioned is really the aspect that impressed me about it.

MacArthurs had the best price for a long time $60 but looks like they are gone now

Ryan curry’s $64 seems to be the lowest.

I bought half case for about the Ryan price. With tax just short of $70 per bottle delivered. A hiccup in delivery means it will arrive this week.

I paid $60 at MacArthurs. They had tons of it for quite some time.

Yes. This was an option for me too in February, but I decided to go local.

Day 2: That fun juicy pure clean fruit has disappeared, the tannin shows no signs of letting up and a few new uninvited guests have shown up to the flavor party: a stemmy, brambly quality, a more prominent expression of the ripeness of the vintage, and a touch of something exotic, something akin to tangerine peel. Will be fantastic with age, I think, but if you’re drinking this young, I’d polish it off first day.

Maybe it’ll improve on the third day, but I have my doubts; I finished off my glass and said see you again in many years!

Funny. I was a little disappointed by the report of Mr. Clean on Day One. Day Two sounds like it’s starting to get interesting.

Day 2 sounds like the 15 Jamet I opened tonight with six hours in the decanter

It was a bit interesting but it felt a lot more disjointed and all over the place. The components I noted each sort of stuck out on their own terms… I’m sure it’ll be fantastic once they integrated but for now, they were really distracting, especially without the fruit of the first day!