TN: 2000 Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste, Pauillac

Blanquito may call for another five years, but I think this wine is just starting to enter its drinking window. Sure, it’s still young, but an hour of decanting did wonders. As so often in solid years, this is pure, text-book Pauillac. Cassis, Number 2 elementary school pencil, cigar box and dry earth. Gorgeously pure fruit on the palate, really excellent range from ripe dark fruits to tart berry fruits, giving the wine a rounded, lifted feel, if that makes sense. Excellent depth on the palate. A moderately powerful wine, tannins resolving, caressing finish. Delicious, but more upside with time.

(93 pts.)

As an aside, I just checked out CT notes, and was amused to see Leve’s take on this wine. Our notes are close to identical, as is our score. Goes to show the convergence of tastes when it comes to classic Bordeaux. Classic never goes out of style. Jeff has a great write-up on his site on the long history of this esteemed Chateau. Check it out.

I have always enjoyed GPL but do not currently own any. My mistake.

The 2014 is excellent. Grabbed a lot of it for $50 in futures and even $55-60 on release. An excellent “buy”.

You’re a brave man! Thanks for volunteering for the front! Sounds just great.

With the 20% off coupons you can still get it for $48 at Total if you can find a store carrying it.

GPL still represents one of the best values in Left Bank reds. Oddly they seem to make solid wines in “epic” vintages and over-perform in cooler years.

Can’t really think of a vintage since 1996 that wasn’t enjoyable, maybe 1997 and 2003?

My recent bottle was more rustic than expected, with less depth. Since it’s the first of a case, I hope the others taste like yours!

When I saw the thread title, I knew this is a wine we would both like. Even though you say I don’t like these types of wines :slight_smile:

2000 GPL is a fabulous, text-book example of classic Pauillac that should not break the bank.

Thx for the note. Looking forward to trying mine out soon.

It is rustic. But Robert likes rustic more than most… Hence my 93 Pts, instead of higher marks. Should you wish to see my note, use the link in the thread. The wine is not likely to soften, it is always going to have that character, but it will gain additional nuances with more time.

I don’t think it’s rustic at all, just crisp and structured rather than “big” and deep. But I think it’s elegant.

I had this two years ago and it was too young on the palate, although the nose was great. Glad it is coming around now.

The 1995 is the best GPL for current drinking for my taste. Really excellent. But the 2005, which is still way too young, might end up best of all

No wonder I scored it so highly!

Just kidding, was not rustic to me at all. But I think you all know my reference points. I found this wine quite pure.

I’ve not had the 2000 in 5-6 years, but I’ve had the 95 (which is great) and that is just beginning to show well for my mileage.

If GPL is elegant, how do you describe Pichon Lalande?

Elegant in ripe years, elegant rusticity in cooler years.

I put Lalande over GPL.

Nice note on the GPL Robert. Offers a lot of pleasure now, with a promise of additional complexity down the road.

I also agree with the Pichon Lalande comparison. Pichon is more elegant than GPL, regardless of its seam of green (which I regard as a plus), and I usually prefer it to GPL.

Sounds yummy. I’ve never had GPL, though had an opportunity to pick up bottles of both the '03 and '05 from Raeburn in Edinburgh last year, as part of a golf trip in East Lothian and Fife.

Passed as they sounded awfully young. Ended up with a '96 Armailhac instead, which was fantastic. Sounds like I need to bite the bullet and find some mature GPL as well.

I must admit that while I like both GPL and Pichon Lalande, I don’t think of either (or any other Pauillac) as being really that elegant. Bordeaux, generally, to me is a more powerful and less elegant wine, but even within Bordeaux I think of some of the wines of Margaux and Pessac-Léognan as being the more elegant Bordeauxs.

I’m sitting on six of the 2000 GPL. I have done my best to keep my hands off all of my 2000 Bordeaux. Maybe time to start thinking about trying them?