TN: 1990 Pichon Baron

1990 Pichon Baron (375ml)

Nose smelled of bitter chocolate initially. Swirl and then there was cedar. Swirl again, spice. Swirl, earth. Swirl, back to cedar. Love it when wines do this. On the palate, nice balanced fruit and acidity. Smooth. A lingering floral aroma aftertaste. So good! Can’t decide which is my current WOTY so far between this or the 1989 Pichon Lalande. Maybe this by a hair but then I remember the elegant red fruit of the Pichon Lalande and how bright ruby it was. Tough call. Delicious. Wish I had more.

Love this wine. Very sumptuous with an amazing roasted character.

Thanks for the note. LOVE this wine. I am a pretty die-hard burg fan these days, but I would drink 90 Pichon Baron or 85 La Mission any day. Those two are evolving spectacularly.

Good stuff, Fred. We’ll have to get some of the OC crew together for a Bdx dinner. Haven’t had a Bdx since…well Sam Woo.

Maybe my favorite 1990…that I can afford.

Definitely up for a Bordeaux themed offline…you and Charlie would be exempt of course and probably be asked to bring more Dujac and Leflaive…

Great note, Fred. I absolutely love this wine. I am planning to open one of the few bottles that I have in May and am looking forward to it.

Fred, when it’s on this is showing great pedigree and class. Have you per chance had the '89 recently? It’s another seriously superb PB that’s currently showing even better than the '90!

Trying to get some 89 PB on KL auction but people are consistently bidding them through the roof!

Fred, no surprise there, as good as it is.

Great wine and one of the wines of the vintage for me.

Had this last night at Troquet ( as is often true, Chris has this on the list for less than the lowest retail price on WS!)
What a sexy, sexy bottle of wine. Hot gravel, tobacco, cayenne, black pepper and supple dark fruit on the nose. Same supple blackberry fruit notes on the attack with just gorgeous pure fruit. Still some tannic structure on the finish, but noticeably softened and partially resolved. Gorgeous tobacco smoke intermingled with the black fruit on the palate as it opened up. Just lovely!

Agreed. Had the '89 about 2 weeks ago. It remains my favorite PB.

The 90 Leoville Poyferre is almost up there as well for me.

I am always fascinated by the stylistic different between PB and PLL. I slightly prefer Pichon Lalande

Haven’t had many PLL but that bit of green pepper note I get sometimes really bothers me. Not sure if it is vintage/bottle dependent or house style.

I agree Fred, I get green bell pepper notes in Pichon Lalande quite often and I’ve had quite a few vintages. I much prefer the Pichon Baron over Lalande but I’ve also had some great PLL and I don’t think many people will argue they aren’t extremely well made wines. The green bell pepper notes are a big turn off for me and unfortunately I’ve found them quite often in Angelus as well.

FWIW, a while back we had a Pichon Baron vs Pichon Lalande dinner.

this wine creates a memorable experience. glad you enjoyed it.

Agree with your note, excellent wine! I HAD several bottles and started drinking them about a year ago and I can’t keep my hands off…only a couple left :frowning:


When the '90 Pichon Baron is on, it’s pretty great. I’ve had a couple of off bottles of it though, but, that’s wine.

One that is quite inconsistent in my experience is the '86 Mouton Rothschild - of the several times I’ve had it, only 2 bottles were memorable/exceptional, the rest so-so.