This is bizarre!

A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes.

1997 Louis Jadot Pernand-Vergelesses Rouge Pinot Noir | WineBid" onclick=";return false;

That’s awfully clear Pinot.

Times are tough…

and hazy!

Don’t tell the Evenstads.

You laugh! Don’t forget the Gouges white pinot:" onclick=";return false;

I’m missing something… Where does it say it’s a Pinot? Several producers in Pernand make whites as well as reds - it’s Cote de Beaune after all. This is less odd than the Chassagne reds.

Just in their description of it

Oh… Under Type. Totally missed that…

WB screws this up from time to time. I’ve gotten SB in place of Chard before (harder to spot than this though). They were good about it.

Still a good deal for $10?


97 white might be over the hill, but for $10, meh. I like Pernand whites, but I’m not sure they’re 12 year agers esp from a vintage like 97.


I also cracked up at the big pool of water at the base of the bottle. But how did they miss the fact it wasn’t red wine?

I was going o bid on that but was confused and while hesitating someone else bid


it’s been a while since I used WB to list anything, but i wonder if it defaults to a value under type?

There’s a good chance that’s true, but they have to post the photo to the listing. Something might have clicked.

  • 14% + $1000 shipping

i dont think its a mistake. The wine is a Rouge
1997 Louis Jadot Pernand Vergelesses Rouge

current vintages are around $20

While there can be both rouge and blanc Pernand-Vergelesses AC, and Jadot makes both, the picture seems to be pretty strong evidence this is the Chardonnay!

Yes…if you can go to the store and pick it up for 10 + tax…but other than that…no thanks.