There's a new chef king of rack of lamb in my world...

Major Philip Franks.


He grilled some lamb shanks from ‘The Meat Palace’ in Huntington Beach at my place last night, no marinade, just a little dry rub, and they were PERFECT!

Way to go, Maj. Franks!!!

There’s a new Meat Sherrif in town.


The Meat Major.

Oops, just corrected the title - SHANKS!

(early morning, head cold…etc)

Ok, last try Todd…

It was a rack of lamb.

Wake-up buddy.

Serious carnivore fail…must be what happens when the wife turn vegetarian on you.

I can’t, I’m on a conference call - so zoned out.

Nice rack.

I hear Major Meat’s dry rub is exceptional, especially when he pounds it first.

I’m not into the wet rub. It’s all in the dry rub (Santa Maria style BBQ, folks.)

NSFW…and Father Saxon’s finest moment on eBob." onclick=";return false;

That was the chef’s job…and we were too busy eating them

By the way, the “rub” in question was nothing more than truffle salt, paprika, and pepper. It’s all about getting the fat cap and other fatty bits perfetly crispy without burning it.

That stuff was mighty tender. Nice work Dustoff.

Major fail from Todd in this thread…I guess he got it right in the end which is all good.

Sax has advised me that it’s real tough to beat Maj Frank’s dry rubbed Meat. flirtysmile

Apparently Todd cant get enough of it…

I was getting confused there–grilled shanks, wow, I always have to braise them. Rack makes more sense. One of the greatest proteins, much less in demand than beef, generally raised more sustainably as a consequence. Freaking tasty of you get the fat right, can be totally nasty if you get it wrong. Sounds like Phil nailed it.

Y’all are in for a treat down there in So Cal. Phil’s a hell of a good cook.

love grilled rack of Lamb but I’ve always removed the fat cap, as I’m not a fan of the taste of lamb fat (at least the racks from Costco…)

How are the Costco racks?