There's a new chef king of rack of lamb in my world...

Todd, they’re great, so are the Lamb chops.

Hey, I wandered in off the street, and got to partake, even though I didn’t know anyone there (well, Chris, a little). I can attest that the lamb was perfect. Phil’s right, it’s all about how much fat you trim off.

Thanks for allowing me to join in. Great meeting Heidi, Carey, Ella, et al!

it’s true, Phil handles his meat well. Like a pro!

BTW, why no mention of the worcestery '72 Burg, or the blechy '76 Palmer, ‘03 Guigal Brune/Blonde or any of the other wines that were still two-thirds filled when i left? Nice surprises: the Zellarbach Cab was surprisingly youthful, Chris’ cheapy Garrigue CdR was very yum, and Woodward Canyon.

Or were the wines posted somewhere else?

Nobody posted the notes - I don’t think even Cris took notes…

The '03 BetB was so bad, we didn’t even do the pH test on it.

Yep, love the tbone chops too
but my wife and kids prefer when I prep them this way

or like this

Just about to throw a boneless half leg on the grill. I loves me some lamb. flirtysmile

Glad you are at least gettin some baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Leenda.

Once again, this time with Costco lamb, Phil Franks’ lambsicles KILLED IT!!! Even though Cris gave up his man card by allowing (and WATCHING) the meat flame up while Phil went in the house, they still kicked ass!

He truly is the king of lambsicles on the grill.

The COSTCO racks are indeed tasty.

They were good again. And I am not the fail. You want me to watch you say something locos.

By the way, Prime Rib from The Beef Palace today. Who’s in?

I’d stop by, but I’ll save my trip for the 'Bama game!

Plus, Heidi invited her folks over here to watch the Rose Bowl

What time? Cellars aren’t open so I’ll have to see what I have here to bring. Should be something decent enough.

Any time. The roast is going in the oven right now.

That’s why you are the king of Offlines - never miss a beat.

The King of the Offlines found an offline in the thread about lamb. I am impressed. A great start to the new year for James. Can he do an offline a day!? we’ll find out soon enough!

There is no place to hide an offline that he will not find.