The OFFICIAL Friday night, non-Lola table for FFII

The OFFICIAL Friday night, non-Lola table for FFII

  • Brasilian Steakhouse
  • Private Restaurant TBD
  • Seafood
  • Ethnic
  • Tex-mex/Mexican with margaritas
  • BBQ
  • Sign me up for anything, just be sure to count me in
  • La Quinta and catering
  • Lola ordering off the list

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OK I’ll pick up the ball now that we have clarification from Tex. THANKS BILL!!

Please respond and I’ll do the coordination. I’m adding a POLL feature to amke it easier on me. There could EASILY be 2 or 3 different groups depending on timing of flights, preferences and what we can coordinate with restaurants.

My personal preferences are that all the women come with me and the guys can go do something else [rofl.gif]

Seriously, Brasilian steakhouse. We can BYO with a small group (4-6), or go as a larger group and order off the list. Last time I was there Tejas had some reasonable pricing on some good juice. Fogo not so much. Attendees: Pfohl

Taking over a restaurant. I’ll need some local help with some restaurant suggestions. This might get pricy though if they were counting on a 4X per table turn on a Fri night, we’d need to cover it all.

Ethnic. TBD but just to keep things open at this point. I’ll start limiting things as the date draws near. Make your suggestions. I’d kill for GREAT Ethopian or Indian.

Mexican/Tex-mex. Margaritas rather than wine.

Seafood. Yeah Dallas is not a seafood mecca, but in order to balance the meat idea of Saturday, maybe this is a 100% champagne and white burg event?


Get LaQuinta to give us a conference room. Cater it all in and BYO to our heart’s content.

Other ideas welcome.

Tupinamba is very close to the La Quinta and has the best Tex-Mex for my dollars in Dallas. Good ritas as well.

Jeff - thanks for starting the thread. This will be great! I didn’t vote. Here are my thoughts:

  1. No margaritas for Friday dinner. But how about for Saturday brunch? (Is there a “lush” emoticon?!)
  2. Can we attempt to plan something for a big group? They may opt out, but I bet a lot of out of towners will appreciate not having to figure out these details. I’ll let this go if it gets too hard.
  3. I am going to the Nosnik cellar afterward.

Why don’t we talk offline about which restaurants to call? We can divide and conquer.

Cheryl, 'ritas before Flannery? You are crazy. I was thinking champagne and some nice fish. There’s a fish place not too far away and I’m sure Tex or Philip has some good ideas as well. Something light but enough to start absorbing alcohol so we can really be prepared for the big meat fest. Heck even pizza.

'Ritas on Sunday for brunch sounds about right though!! [drinkers.gif]

I’m expecting this to become a large group gathering. I only threw out that BYO at Tejas may be tougher with a large group. But I can ask once I have a headcount.

And I’m also happy to arrange 2,3,4 “medium groups” if there are enough votes for various things. I don’t want to force people anywhere.

It’s not like there is a dearth of Mexican food in California, so frankly, the Mexican idea is not so thrilling to me.
Judging by the apparent lack of interest from anyone else, I’m not so sure how large of a group there will be.
If there are only a few of us, I still think Lola/ordering off the list is still an option.
Frankly at this point, I really don’t care. As long as I don’t have to sit in my room and eat room service. [beee.gif]

THAT won’t happen as I will not sit in my room ordering room service. [foilhat.gif]

(will I sit in your room ordering room service is a different question [rofl.gif] )

I’ve added Lola “off the list” as an option.

Something tells me La Quinta doesn’t have room service. It does have a nice continental breakfast with bananas and everything!!

Doesn’t look like anybody has voted yet. :?

I am trying to be like Switzerland and remain neutral. The only objection I might have for dinner is Mexican- I am full up with Mexican around here. [beee.gif]

Ahh, but you don’t have Tex-Mex.

Duck! [rofl.gif]

No. We have real Mexicans here.

Looks like Scott is trying to wrangle up some business for The Mansion over on Squires. Haven’t been since the new owners/chefs took over…but it is still freakin’ EXPENSIVE. They must be hurting if they are even thinking about BYOB.

Saw that earlier myself. My first reaction when I saw it was WTF?!?

How expensive is expensive?

Uptown Dallas Luxury Hotel | Mansion On Turtle Creek" onclick=";return false;

I’ll be here, obviously, but I haven’t been posting because I probably won’t be able to afford another night. Plus my girlfriend will be mad if I’m gone all weekend… [blackeye.gif]

Yeah, well that’s just stupid expensive, isn’t it. Bit too rich for my blood.

You should see the wine list.

No shit. [stop.gif]

There is a “just sign me up for anything option”