The label for 2017 Mouton is, well, titillating

Best regards,
Alex R.


Sincerely hope it isn’t ‘banned’ from the market. American Puritanical b.s. has already gone too far, historically

Yup. The 1993 US label

How sad.

Maybe add pasties

Trump would probably LOVE and approve that label for the US market. He’s automatically attracted to beautiful as he mentioned once before… [whistle.gif]

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

Except that now the puritanical b.s. isn’t necessarily going to come from some religious types as much as the social justice types. Either way, it’s still b.s.

I am reporting this post for sexual content.

Not sure it’s social justice for stuff like this - definitely religious fanatics

Here is the foundation of the ATF’s wine label censorship, the 1975 Kenwood Artist Series “Naked Lady” label.
The artist, David Goines, was so infuriated, he thumbed his nose and produced the “Skeleton Lady” label which the AFT also banned in retaliation!


Breasts are not exclusively sexual objects …

Todd should buy this as part of his rebellion against the puritanical church/state establishment.


When combined with wine they are. Hehe

From now on I’m buying ONLY nudie labels. #resist

Merry Edwards Sav Blanc!

Love the label. Wife loves the wine. #win-win

Besides how well I’m sure this tastes, this would be a cool bottle to have on the show off shelf in my cellar.

I think putting those labels on the ATF label approvers may give them too much intellectual credit.