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Deals first, story follows. An asterisk (*) indicates that the wine was made with organically farmed grapes.

_The Offers _

The Vineyards: 2014, 2015, 2016 SVD Humboldt County Pinot Noir 6 pack (Offer #1) • $188
Two each of three of our most popular Pinots, the vineyards are spread across the Southern Humboldt county. Ronda’s, located just a few miles northeast from the winery tends to yield wines of exceptional complexity and structure which are more acid than tannin driven. Phelps Vineyard, located just a mile or so east from Ronda’s produces more tannic wines which balance fruit and complexity. Alderpoint Vineyard is located to the east, near the main fork of the Eel River. The wines tend to be fruity and approachable in their youth, though they often transform with short-term aging.

2014 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Phelps Vineyard (13.6% / 71 cases)
2015 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard* (12.9% / 117 cases)
2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Alderpoint Vineyard (12.3% / 162 cases)

All Humboldt Reds (Offer #2) • $183
This pack showcases Humboldt County terroir. The Pinots show a contrast in Southern Humboldt terroir, though they are unmistakably cousins. Ishi Pishi Ranch is a hillside vineyard that sits just above the fog line in Northeast Humboldt. It produces grapes that are able to produce complex, age-worthy wines at lower alcohol levels. The Petit Verdot should easily age for a decade or more.

2015 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Ronda’s Vineyard* (12.9% / 117 cases)
2016 Humboldt Pinot Noir, Alderpoint Vineyard (12.3% / 162 cases)
2015 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.9% / 121 cases)
2015 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.1% / 123 cases)
2014 Humboldt Malbec, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.4% / 51 cases)
2014 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.7% / 54 cases)

5 Whites and a Pink (Offer #3) • $129
I strive to make white wines in a crisper style, maintaining as much natural acidity as possible. All of the wines are dry and see no Oak. The Rose of Sangiovese is pale in color and pleasantly tart.

2017 Humboldt Chardonnay, Phelps Vineyard (13.6% / 173 cases)
2017 Humboldt Pinot Gris (13.1% / 79 cases)
2017 Humboldt Sauvignon Blanc (13.7% / 188 cases)
2017 Humboldt Gewurtztraminer, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 79 cases) (bone dry)
2017 Mendocino Arneis, Spirit Canyon Vineyard (13.5% / 150 cases)
NV (2017) Humboldt Rosé of Sangiovese, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.9% / 69 cases)

Humboldt & Mendocino Zin & Syrah (Offer #4) • $147
Ishi Pishi Ranch, an organically farmed vineyard near Orleans in the NE corner of Humboldt, has been a key to expanding our Humboldt grown offerings since 2011. As the vineyard continues to mature, the fruit is getting better and better. Though the winemaking is the same, the Dark Horse Vineyard, selections are a bit richer and crowd-pleasing, though still lean by California standards. Dark Horse Vineyard is between Ukiah and Hopland and is owned and meticulously farmed by Paul Dolan.

2 x 2015 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.3% / 122 cases)
1x 2014 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.5% / 116 cases)
1x 2015 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.5% / 116 cases)
1x 2016 Mendocino Syrah, Dark Horse Vineyard (13.1% / 246 cases)
1x 2016 Mendocino Zinfandel, Dark Horse Vineyard (12.6% / 123 cases)

Ishi Pishi 12 (Offer #5) • $285
Ishi Pishi Ranch is flat out special. This sampler allows you to to a deep dive into the terroir. The Bordeaux grapes get just ripe enough and enabling wines to be produced that are reminiscent of an earlier era.

2013 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2014 Humboldt Petit Verdot, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2014 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.5% / 116 cases)
2015 Humboldt Syrah, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2014 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.3% / 144 cases)
2015 Humboldt Zinfandel, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.9% / 121 cases)
2015 Humboldt Cabernet, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2014 Humboldt Malbec, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 52 cases)
2017 Humboldt Gewurtztraminer, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (13.4% / 79 cases) (bone dry)
NV (2017) Humboldt Rosé of Sangiovese, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.9% / 69 cases)
2017 Humboldt Sparkling Pet Nat, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (11.8% / 48 cases) (bone dry)
2017 Humboldt Sparkling Rosé Pet Nat, Ishi Pishi Ranch* (12.4% / 76 cases) (bone dry)


Each 6-pack offer has flat rate shipping of $15. Shipping on a case or more is free. To build a case, combine any 2 6-packs from the list below or pick the Ishi Pishi Case. If you’re shipping to CA ask about a CA bonus.

To place your order: email -
Please include your selection, shipping address, billing address if different and PHONE NUMBER. If you can have your order shipped to a business address, please do so, as it saves me some on the shipping expense. I will be in touch to arrange payment. If you’d rather, send the requested details and call: (707) 923-2429. If you prefer to call in your order, I am more than happy to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone if you have any questions.

It has been a genuine pleasure to be part of the Wine Berserkers community for the last 8+ years. BerserkerDay has been a great way for us to connect our tiny, out of the way Southern Humboldt Winery with wine enthusiasts far and wide. We strive to produce expressive, honest, food-friendly wines that allow our unique terroir to shine through.

I look forward to hearing your feedback as you taste the wines.


Andrew Morris, Winemaker

PS. Anyone looking to visit the scenic Lost Coast or Redwood Parks/Avenue of the Giants, please consider dropping by. We are located about 3.5 hours north from the Bay Area, 20 minutes off of 101, and we are more than happy to see visitors. I promise to make it worthwhile for any guest that mentions Berserkers.

PPS. Here is some more background on our winery:

Cellartracker Reviews:

Briceland Vineyards has been producing distinctive small batch wine in Southern Humboldt County since 1985. Joe Collins, my step-father, along with my mother Maggie Carey, began researching the viability of planting grapes in our area with a small experimental vineyard and weather data collection in the late 70’s. Joe is widely credited with establishing commercial wine-growing in our area.

Maggie & Joe built the winery up slowly over 20+ years, gradually increasing production as demand grew and more local vineyards came online. About 80% of our production is from Humboldt County grapes, most of which are farmed organically in tiny hillside vineyards. The remaining 20% comes from nearby Mendocino County. We take pride in supporting our local community and our community has supported us as well – over 90% of our wine sells within 75 miles of the winery without the aid of brokers or distributors.

Briceland Vineyards has long been a proponent of organic farming. Most of the grapes used to make the wines offered above have been farmed organically. Some of the vineyards that we work with are so small that they no longer maintain the certification, but they continue to farm organically. If you’d like details on this, let me know.

Here is a link to our Berserker Business page with more info:

Here is a recent TN on one of our wines:

Boss man Todd says this is what to do… [cheers.gif]

In for a bunch, as usual.

Got a case. Limiting to just 12 bottles was extremely difficult with all the great choices.

Taking the offer 1 6 pack, email sent with info requested.


Tried Briceland last year for BD, bought a case this year.

Order happily in! Briceland has been an incredible BD discovery for me, and I think we’ve gone through 3 cases over the last couple of years, both BD purchases and re-buys. I strongly suggest any newcomers on the fence take the plunge on any of these offerings. The QPR is off the charts and the wines are just such an incredible pleasure to drink and share. I’m particularly partial to both the Ishi Pishi zin and syrah, but love the Dark Horse offerings, too. I’m still sitting on the Petit Verdots. I recently poured the Arneis at a family gathering, and they went bonkers for it. Something for everyone! Thanks, Andrew!

Thanks, Berserkers, for your orders, comments and kind words. Your ongoing support means the world to us. [cheers.gif]

Thanks also to the fine Lurkers who prefer to remain anonymous for your orders.

It is great to be here with you all!

In for an Ishi Pishi 12, cant wait to try these wines!

Offer #2 six pack…sold!

Thanks, Mark, Mike and Rich for the orders, among others!

Thanks Mary, for your continued support. Great to hear from you again.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I hope it is big with all the PR that Todd got for it!

Ordered these for the first time last year (a selection of Pinot Noirs). Haven’t been disappointed by the first two bottles and I’m in for the Humboldt Reds . . .

I thought I’d chime in since I drink A LOT of these wines…

To me these wines have a real sense of place. They are lower in alcohol, but still pack plenty of flavor and acid, a testament to Humboldt County terroir. Very generally, the red wines tend to be red-fruited with a floral character (usually white flowers, sometimes purple). The whites are higher in acidity than most wines from further down the coast.

Personally, my favorites are the Pinots. I think the Ronda’s Vineyard is the best SVD value in all of California. Ishi Pishi Ranch is remarkably good for the Bordeaux varieties; the Petit Verdot is really tasty and interesting.

A sampling of some of my more recent tasting notes:

On pop and pour the structure was very evident – plenty of drying tannin and acidity. After an hour in the decanter, the wine opened up considerably; loads of blackberries (but without the sweetness suggested by the nose), plum, white pepper, violet and the barest hint of graphite. The structure is still evident, but the tannins have softened markedly. Medium bodied, the finish is long and graceful. Not as open as the 2012 was at a similar stage in its evolution, this vintage is built to age. Better in 5 years and should easily last two decades from vintage. 91-93+.

54 cases made, 12.7% abv, made from organic grapes. (92 pts.)

  • 2015 Briceland Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Ishi Pishi Ranch - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (1/5/2019)
    Inky purple color with aromas of plum, blackberry, white florals and spice. On pop and pour the structure dominated with red and black fruit apparent. After an hour of air the roles reversed, with the fruit taking center stage and the structure playing a supporting role. Tannins are noticeable but don’t poke out.

Stylistically a classic California Cabernet, with a medium body and judicious use of oak. Clocks in at an impressive 12.3% abv, yet the fruit is fully ripe, which peaks to a special vineyard and talented winemaking. 88 cases made. Very nice now, but should be even more special in 3-5 years.

  • 2015 Briceland Vineyards Syrah Ishi Pishi Ranch - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (1/3/2019)
    Quite nice. A bit more lush than I’m used to from Briceland, with a melange of dark fruits and a subtle, pleasing note of bacon fat. Very good at this stage but I expect it to be even better when it drops some baby fat.
  • 2014 Briceland Vineyards Malbec Ishi Pishi Ranch - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (12/15/2018)
    Medium purple colored with intense aromas of black cherry and blackberries. One the palate bright fruit — blackberries and black cherry— on an exceptionally lithe frame. Expands with air. Fleshed out and softened on day two. The structure is noticeable with high acidity and medium+ tannins. Somewhat atypical for Malbec in a good way; not jammy, big or hot — this clocks in at only 12.4% abv. Easy to drink now, will improve with short/mid term aging.

51 cases made. (91 pts.)

I squirreled this away to see how it would age and time has transformed this wine into something altogether different — darker, more complex and serious than in its youth. Quite a lovely transformation though I also enjoyed its youthful character. Good stuff. (91 pts.)

Flavors of lightly tart cherry/raspberry, forrest floor, pine, baking soda and light citrus. Medium bodied with w nice harmony between the fruit and savory elements and the tannins are well-integrated. The juicy fruit is distinctively California, but stylistically more refined than many of its brethren. Decidedly more dense and concentrated than most wines at this ABV (12.7%) but never feels heavy. Offers great value. (92 pts.)

  • 2014 Briceland Vineyards Zinfandel Ishi Pishi Ranch - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (9/23/2018)
    This is such a unique representation of the grape. It is light+ bodied, with bright red fruit that is lightly tart with some floral notes lurking in the background – it’s the polar opposite of most Zins from California. Gulpable. I really appreciate the lower alcohol content too (13.3% abv).
  • 2012 Briceland Vineyards Syrah Mendocino County - USA, California, North Coast, Mendocino County (8/18/2018)
    Primarily red fruited with black fruit playing a supporting role. There’s also a beguiling floral note that appears on both the nose and the palate.

Medium weight, nicely balanced with fine tannins and good acidity. There’s enough structure and fruit to continue to last for at least another 5 years and most likely 10. Still, no harm in drinking now, it’s a lovely drink.

  • 2013 Briceland Vineyards Syrah Dark Horse Vineyard - USA, California, North Coast, Mendocino County (6/19/2018)
    Nose of dark berries with pronounced scent of gardenia. An interesting mix of flavors, dark red and black berries, pine, and tar with a floral note on the lengthy finish. Medium weight, savory with a significant punch of acid, yet still balanced. Should easily provide enjoyment 10 years from date of vintage.

Funnily enough, my last note suggested pairing with brisket and I happened to open with smoked brisket tonight…worked well together.

  • 2013 Briceland Vineyards Pinot Noir Phelps Vineyard - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (6/5/2018)
    Clean red fruits and baby powder on the palate. The wine is incredibly well balanced, with fruit/tannins/acid in perfect harmony. Drinking brilliantly now; this wine just keeps getting more and more impressive.

Grabbed this today because I had a tough day moving boxes. In retrospect, it was the best decision I’ve made in months. (92 pts.)

Posted from CellarTracker

Thanks again Andrew for participating. An easy buy every year.

Briceland was a happy discovery for me during BD08. A big fan of the pinots. They would probably be good with some age on them, but I cannot seem to resist the urge to pull them from the cellar and pour. Don’t overlook the whites either…

Andrew already contacted me to ask about shipping. Since I am in Florida, I am looking forward to enjoying these wines in the very near future.

Ordered from Briceland. Love their pinots and have never been disappointed.

Thanks to Corey N., Corey E., Ian and Bill for your orders and comments.

Corey N., it is probably bad for business, but do I need to refer you to AA or something? [snort.gif]

Got my Ishi pishi 12 order in. First time ordering, so appreciate seeing an option to try a little of everything. Thanks!

True story, whenever I pop a bottle of Briceland, Linda will ask “is this Andrew’s wine? I love Andrew’s wine.” It’s pretty much the only wine that she comments on, by name.

Also…there’s another Corey. So that’s kinda nifty.

IN for some syrah & zins