Thanks, Everyone! • Briceland Vineyards • Humboldt's Finest Since 1985 (8th Year of BDay)

What about good times?

How long are you going to keep offers open?

Asking for a friend…(who is away this weekend)

These get my vote for top Under The Radar wines in California. Enough fruit for those who lean New World. Understated and complex for those who lean Old World. One of the few California Pinots I continue to buy and cellar.

In for a case of Ishi Pishi to expand my horizons. Thanks so much Andrew.

Order in. Looking forward to trying these

Ordered. Thanks Andrew!

Order in

Got my 12 pack of Pinot. Awesome wines!!!

Thanks Andrew

Order in and really looking forward to drinking them. Andrew provides great customer service and is super nice! Thanks!

Andrew - in for a case worth of your SVD Pinots! Have been meaning to try your wines and this is a great chance to jump in! Thanks for the great offer!

6 pack ordered! Second year ina row. Really great stuff and happy to support the winery!

Great talking with you Andrew, pumped to try them!

We’ll see how it goes for the next couple of hours and see what’s still in stock.

But, have your friend email me: I’ll take care of them. [cheers.gif]

2nd year re-buy for me!

I just checked orders and inventory. Still good. I can hold it open until Monday at 8pm.

Order in for an Ishi Pishi case

At we have been tracking Briceland wines for many years. We have always found them highly expressive of origin with good structure and moderate alcohols. In particular, the three pack of Pinots represent vineyards that even a novice could never confuse. The Phelps is a rack solid, long aging stalwart full of black cherry and begging for time in the cellar, while the Alder Point is a delicate, ethereal wine full of ribbon candy. Check out our reviews on the site.

Andrew makes Zin like the old days - sort of a Tuscan style with good structure and elegance, not the impactful, raisiny styles in vogue today. It’s a throwback, what André Tchelistcheff used to call a “civilized Zinfandel.”

Finally, I cannot heap enough praise on the Ishi Pishi Vineyard in Northern Humboldt. From this obscure location come some of the densest, most unctuous and refined reds on the planet. Napa eat your heart out.

Thanks for commenting, Clark.

For the record, the PN pack is a six, 2 each of the wines listed.

With the excitement of the big day in the rear view mirror, THANK YOU!

Todd and Brig for all the their work.

Mods and regular posters for keeping things fun here.

Fans for your ongoing support and for taking the time to report on your experience of the wines.

New customers for giving us a shot!

This place is a lifeline from our rural winery to the wine world at large!

If you placed an order and have not yet been contacted for payment, not to worry. I had a short delay in processing by coming down with a 24 hour flu on Monday. Trying to catch up now…

Some GSO orders went out yesterday. I Look forward to your comments on the wines once you have a chance to get into them.