Thank You

Clark - as just your average wine geek, just wanted to say thank you for all the interesting posts this week. You have a remarkable ability to explain difficult, technical concepts in very clear terms, but also a great sense of some of the more mysterious elements of wine and our experience of drinking it. I feel like I learned a lot!

I’ll second those thoughts. We owe Clark a big debt of grattitude for taking the time to come here,
share his knowledge, answer our dumb questions. I’ve learned a lot from all of these threads.
I’m into the 2’nd reading of his book and still trying to figure some of it out. For those of you who haven’t read it yet,
it’s a must-read. Even if you don’t understand a lot of the chemistry (I don’t), there’s plenty of sections in there
that you will understand & learn from.
Now I’m looking forward to trying my 6-pak of his wines in a few weeks.

So…thanks, Clark. [cheers.gif]

You are most welcome, gentle folk.

As long as they’ll let me, I am perfectly happy to continue these threads and participate in others you invite me into, albeit not necessarily at this pace.

Somebody just flash the bat signal for new threads I haven’t subscribed to.