Terrien Wines - dynamic pricing and 50% disco

Airlines do it and hotels do it but why don’t wineries do it? Let’s not think about it too much and just find out: is dynamic pricing an effective tool for selling wine? I have been noodling this idea for years and really excited to give it a go–thanks for taking part (and thank you Todd for allowing me to try this out here). The first Berserker to move on this offer will get 6 bottles of 2015 Terrien Chardonnay at $5/bottle. This experiment may work better for you than for me!

So here’s how it works: the price starts at $10 and goes up $1 after each purchase until sales slow to a stop, at which point the price goes down by a dollar until sales pick up again. It fluctuates with demand. That’s dynamic pricing.

Special for Berserkers Day EVERYONE gets at 50% discount (and that $10 starting price becomes $5/bottle).

Once the wine sells out, if you paid more than the average you will receive a coupon for the difference. For example, if you bought 6 bottles at $40 and the average price ends up being $20, you will get a coupon for $120 that you can use on a future purchase of my wine.

Be sure to apply the 50% discount coupon (bd11). No charge for shipping, by the way.

There’s a six-bottle limit to each order so if you want 12 you’ll need to start a new order (and yes, the price will have bumped). But here’s the thing: the second time around at the checkout screen you’ll have to login using the ID/PW that was sent to you upon completion of your first order – an email will be in your inbox. The reason for the account is to keep track of the customized coupons that are issued at the end of the release.

Multiple orders will be bundled for shipment.

Terrien Wines

About the Wine:
Terrien Chardonnay comes from an Old Wente planting at Kiser - a Sangiacomo Family vineyard in Sonoma Valley. Wente is all about the hens and chicks (that’s a picture of the fruit in the avatar). Neither malo-lactic fermentation nor new oak plays a role in my style and the wine ages for a year in spent barrels after 6 months in tank. Acidity is bright and the wines find their groove after several years in bottle. The 2007 is still on the upswing.

An amazing deal (and very cooly buying process!) on a great wine. I have bought and drank these wines several times, and they are great value at $35/each. I just bought 6 for $5/each!!! (with the BD11 code). They drink well now, but if you can wait and cellar them for a few (or several) years, you will be richly rewarded.
Buy with confidence.
What price did you get?

I live in PA and got a message at check out that no shipping options are available. Any way to get around this?
Don Appleton

I’m in for 6 at what looks to be $9 a bottle

In for 6 Chardonnays for $17/bottle which worked out to under $10/bottle after discount. Insane!

I had the same shipping problem as Don. I had $17 each before the discount, but no dice because of the shipping hangup.

Which carrier do you use for shipping? I live in MD but can ship to a UPS or FedEx store in DC.

Thanks for pointing this out Don – you should be able to do this now.

Shipping issue fixed now Dave. Thanks for letting me know.

Looking forward to trying this. A great deal ($11 a bottle!). Free shipping!

Sarah – please use the comment field in the checkout and we’ll accommodate.

Thank you!

Got it, thanks! What a great price - I’m looking forward to trying my first Terrien wine!

Michael, congrats… My order with you set off the first call from my bank investigating “unusual purchasing patterns” and alerting me to potential fraudulent spending on my Visa call

Just purchased - paid $16.50 a bottle.

Slam dunk!

Order in. $17/bottle. Still a great deal I’m sure!

So now that the price is pretty much full price (before the 50% off) will it stay there or could it go down later if no one buys for awhile? Still a ridiculous deal at 18, just wanted to make sure I understood the system.

Hi Tom - your’e not the only one trying to understand the system-this is all new to me too! [cheers.gif]

If there’s good energy on berserker day the price will bump up. Once we close out the offer it will trigger coupons to all who paid more than the average. So… the plan is this: later in February, after you’ve had a chance to open a bottle, I’ll offer up more of the 2015 Chardonnay (though there won’t be a 50% BD11 discount).

Since it costs nothing, you could do what others have done and name your price. Even if $18 is a good deal right now, its always possible the price will drop. Unlike Jet Blue, I’m not super knowledgeable about how to fly this dynamic pricing thing.

Just put in an order. Such a deal.

Thank you Peter! I know how much you appreciated the 2007 and looking back at my notes I see they have the same 7.3TA and 3.2pH, though the alc. is a point higher in the '15.