Terrien Wines - dynamic pricing and 50% disco

Couldn’t resist. I’ll give them a shot :slight_smile:

BTW Terrien is served by some high-end restos, including The French Laundry


Oh gosh – TFL hasn’t served it for some time. But the 2012 is at Benno ($25/glass) right now.

Thanks for taking the risk Joe - if the average stays close to $12, you’ll have bought my wine for $7 (assuming that at some point you’ll use the settlement coupon you’ll receive at the end of the day). I know I lose on this but that’s ok for now. Once you open your first bottle I think you’ll appreciate the risk/reward.

Wow, spectacular deal! I thought the average was after the discount! I’m pretty excited…

That’s good to know Joe. It’s a bit complex, and so I think it will take some time to understand the mechanics. Berserkers Day is a great opportunity to try it out but I understand there are some distractions [snort.gif]

Wooops I am wrong about this! If the average stays ~$12 and you use the settlement coupon down the road, you’ll have paid $12/bottle (not $7). Dope! See? I can’t even figure it out!

OK, that’s what I thought :slight_smile:

Well, TFL needs to get its act back together! [snort.gif] [cheers.gif]

Just picked mine up today, and really looking forward to opening one!

Michael, this was a brilliant and fun offer. Kudos!

Dupe post [wow.gif]

Dave - Thanks for playing! I was pretty happy to see the plugin worked. Even the coupons went out smoothly to the “above average” folks. I’m going to fire this up again in March but for a new brand which will exist for selling glut wines at prices the market likes. Hang on to your coupon and we’ll transfer everyone’s to the new site.

Just got my six bottles. Looking forward to them. Thanks again, Michael!

Mine arrived today just a day before a blue norther blows in. Glad to have it safely in the cellar. Temperatures are going down from a high on Monday to a forecast high of 39 on Wednesday. Another Texas winter in full swing.

ridiculous deal, i was the 2nd one in i think i paid $6 a bottle or something. thank you and look forward to trying it.

I wish I had gone for more than six! Lovely evening made even better by your wine.

Love seeing this - here’s to the NEXT BerserkerDay for Terrien, since there will be plenty of those with tasting notes on the wines now!

Popped a bottle of this tonight, which I bought on preview day for a ludicrously small sum. It’s really, really good. Nice touch of oak, medium bodied, suggestions of lime and pineapple and a long finish. Thrilled with it.

Mine arrived last Friday. Had to open one on the weekend. Sorry no tasting notes but it was very good and yes my only regret is that I too did not purchase more…

Don’t beat yourself up too much on that point - I tried ordering more than six, but it told me six per person was the limit on this deal!