Tercero Wines - Fantastic Case deals (free shipping!)

Tercero Wines

Larry’s got a bunch of fans here, and these case deals are ridiculous…

Tercero 2009 Grenache Blanc Case Special $144/case 40% discount Limited Supplies! Shipping Included!

Tercero Mixed Red Special $216/case 40% discount Limited Supplies Shipping Included
4 x Thompson Vineyard Syrah
4 x 2007 Watch Hill Grenache
4 x 2007 The Climb (50/50 Syrah, Petite Sirah)


I can vouch for Larry’s wines. I can’t vouch for him – he’s a nutcase – but his wines are great! flirtysmile

I can’t pass this up. How do we get the deal? I don’t see anything in the checkout for WB. TIA.

I too would like the red case but I’m not sure how to order it? Let me know.


Larry’s email:


Here’s a link to their purchase page, has all their individual wines and also both of the WB deals

I’m also a big fan of these wines, and the new tasting room in Los Olivos is very cool. Would love to have some of their mourvedre or petite sirah included, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers :wink:

Definitely want a case of the Grenache Blanc.

Went to the web site, and after putting the case in my shopping cart, I was redirected to PayPal which added a shipping charge of $15.

Will send an email to Larry.


I tried to purchase a case, but the site was going to charge me both tax and shipping. Poop.


I just ordered and added a note in PayPal to Larry. I’m sure he’ll take care of it. And, even if shipping is charged, it’s still a great deal [cheers.gif]

Larry responded to my email and said he would refund the shipping. Order in!

Case of reds ordered.

Thanks for this. Had sent Larry the email before I read this with the same issue the other were having. Order in.

Me and a buddy split a red case…trying new things=YAY!

You will enjoy these, even without the 40% discount. [cheers.gif]

Sorry for the confusion…

Order away and I will refund all shipping charges before shipping…

Email me w questions…or call me at 805 245 9584…


And I only have a few cases of the 09 Grenache Blanc left…

Thanks Larry, I picked up a case of the Reds.
These look great, just my style.

Larry…you’re the man…what a deal! I’m in for the reds…to many of your whites in the fridge [cheers.gif]

I just ordered a case of the G-Blanc. Seems like a crazy deal. Thank you, Larry! What an excellent offer.


EDIT: Oh, by the way, the shipping charges no longer get added when ordering from the site (at least for me).

Thanks for all of the kind words, boys and girls . . . greatly appreciated!!!

I believe I have two cases of the 09 Grenache Blanc left (found another one in an off site storage area) . . . Get em while you can [cheers.gif]

And just one side note - today is not only Berserkerday, it’s my daughter’s birthday . . . so it’s a doubly scecial day indeed flirtysmile