Tempting wine purchases you’ve passed on—give others a shot

In for a case for dad.

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All gone now. That’s a heck of a deal.

Envoyer just offered 750s and mags of Diebolt-Vallois Cuvee Prestige for $50 and $110 respectively. This is a terrific wine that is especially fine in magnum, even more so than most other champagnes, I believe. I don’t think you can do much better in the QPR department for this style.


and I had just hit delete—but I ordered after that. Thanks.

Thx, grabbed some mags

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You won’t be sorry. The mags are special.

@alan_weinberg Hope you enjoy!

We just reloaded from France or I would have ordered more myself.

I’m sure I will. Good trip? Let’s see some dinner notes.

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Yeah I have quite a few of the mags already but can never have enough good affordable champagne mags.

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You have to get on Instagram, my friend.

I spend too much time here as it is. I started Instagram but follow only William Kelly. I’m not on Facebook either.

In for mags. F this month.

Then you will understand why I choose not to spend the time reposting here!


Mags of 19 Spottswoode at K&L for $389.99, insiders advantage

Also 20 Arnot Roberts Watson Ranch chard for $28.99 but I snagged the last 5 of those